10 Trucking Blogs Every New Truckers Should Read

As reported by Boston Globe, improvement in the economy and increasing demand for goods have made the commercial trucking industry one of the most preferred industries to work in. This has escalated the demand for new truck drivers, who are known to have guaranteed jobs if they possess a Commercial Driving License (CDL). With the commercial trucking industry flourishing, it is now exceptionally important for present commercial truck drivers as well as for those thinking about joining the industry as truck drivers to be up-to-date on all the current information pertinent to the industry, such as the rules, regulations, management strategies, changes made, fleet management, legislation, and all other similar subjects.

TRUCKINGThe increased usage of the internet has made it easy for information to be available at our fingertips. This is exactly how blogs help us; there are countless blog posts that provide insights on various industry-related topics. Therefore, we have searched across the internet for some of the best trucking blogs that can be of great help to new truckers. Here are our top picks, in no particular order:

Trucking Truth

trucking truth

Trucking Truth blog, crafted by an experienced truck driver Brett Aquila, is a great resource for new Over The Road (OTR) truckers. The blog has an honest and positive approach towards sharing information about the trucking industry with some great advice and help from skilled and experienced truck drivers. Catering to new truckers, Brett covers topics such as trucking companies and job listings, CDL training materials, tips on becoming a great truck driver, and more.

Trucker Dump

trucker dump

Todd McCann, who has been a trucker ever since 1997, is experienced in both solo truck driving as well as team driving. This blog hosts a lot of the author’s thoughts on the overall trucking industry, trucking jobs, and truck driving, with the aim of making his readers understand the life of a trucker. If you are looking for insights on how your life will be after entering the trucking industry as a new trucker, Todd’s Trucker Dump is a must read.

Real Truck Driver Blog

real truck driver blog

Robert Allen, the author of this trucking blog, started his career as a trucker in 1999. This over the road truck driver has worked for five different truck companies, and uses his blog to share posts in different categories, including flatbed trucking, trucking adventures, truck driving schools, trucking news, and also videos on truck drivers. Robert also includes some useful information like best Bluetooth headsets and software for drivers as well. With such wide array of topics covered, the Real Truck Driver Blog will definitely have something that interests you as a trucker.

Auto Fleet Market Trends Blog

automotive fleet

Mike Antich’s 20+ years of experience and knowledge in vehicle remarketing markets and fleet management is well reflected in this blog, with over 4600 blog posts on vehicle remarketing, fleet leading industry, fleet activities, and fleet management. Fleet management is an important aspect of the commercial trucking industry, and the information and tips from this expert are something that shouldn’t be missed.

One Girl Trucking

one girl trucking

Bethany is a third generation truck driver who calls herself “a prisoner of the highway”. In this blog, she talks about her experiences as a truck driver, her personal life, tips on trucking, recipes, and a lot more. Unlike many other trucking blogs, this blog is written from a woman’s perspective, empowering women and making them realize that anything is possible with determination, even in the trucking profession.

The Daily Rant

the daily rant

Claimed to be the longest operating blog, The Daily Rant is authored by a female trucker named Salena. With over 1500 blog posts, many of them containing pictures, this trucker shares her experience traveling all over the US and Canada in her truck. Her posts are entertaining as well as engaging, and her photos from on the road are sensational.

Ask the Trucker

ask the trucker

Ask the Trucker blog run by a seasoned truck driver, Allen Smith, contains great articles on trucking. The author, who has over three decades of experience as a trucker, mainly focuses on sharing trucking industry related information and voices his concerns and thoughts about the issues in the industry and what he feels is right, without hiding anything.

Daniel S Bridger’s Trucking Blog

daniel's trucking blog

With more than 30 years of experience in the trucking industry, in different sections like driver recruitment, safety, dispatching, etc., Daniel runs this blog to help other truckers, especially new ones, with necessary tips and information that can enable them to work more safely, happily, and efficiently. If you are looking for some useful trucking tips and advice from an experienced individual, Daniel is the person to contact.

18 Wheel Beauties

18 wheel beauties

Laila, the author of 18 Wheel Beauties, started this blog as a resource to learn more about big trucks. Her passion towards trucking and big rigs makes her explore many new and interesting things about trucks and trucking, including big rig toys, big rig racing, big rig photos, big rig videos, types and makes of trucks and beyond. Those of you who have just discovered your passion for trucking will be able to find great information on Laila’s blog.

Life Is a Journey, Drive On

life is a journey

This blog is run by Nasandra Wright, wife of a truck driver, and author. In addition to providing industry-specific information and insight for current and prospective truck drivers, the author also highlights the contributions, dreams and challenges of truckers, and her experiences with truck drivers and their families.

As a new trucker, whatever may be the information you are looking for, one or more of these blogs are sure to contain pertinent information.

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