5 Best Motorcycle Speakers Reviews

Are you looking around for the best motorcycle speakers reviews? You have come at the right place. Picking the perfect motorcycle speakers is not like buying speakers for your car or truck and it may not be as easy as you may imagine.
There are different models of motorcycle speakers in the market but the most common ones are motorcycle handle speakers. Whatever category, there are various wattage’s that will provide you with excellent volume no matter what speed you are cruising at. This review of the 5 best motorcycle speakers will help you settle on the right speakers for your bike.

Shark Spk6800-spks Motorcycle Atv Waterproof Marine Speakers

Shark Spk6800-spks Motorcycle Atv Waterproof Marine Speakers.
These speakers are highly rated by reviewers who have used them. They are premium speakers made to the highest quality and come with mirror brackets that make them simple to install. They are 100% waterproof and work perfectly well even when immersed in water.
Shark Spk6800-spks Motorcycle Atv Waterproof Marine Speakers are 300 watts each which assures you of good volume even when in noisy places or driving at the highest speeds. They are compatible with all amplifiers that come with a RCS connection. The speakers have dimensions of 4 X 3 inches which make them perfect for people who own small bikes. They are aesthetically beautiful as they have a texture of rich chrome.
They are inexpensive and come with various options for audio input. In addition, they come equipped with a user’s manual so it’s simple installing them. Both the rider and passenger can enjoy the sound these speakers give as they are clear even in the nosiest highways.
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BOSS Audio MC400 Motorcycle/UTV Speaker and Amplifier System

BOSS Audio MC400 Motorcycle/UTV Speaker and Amplifier System
With a total power output of 600 watts while at the maximum power @2 Ohms, this little device is the perfect fit on your bikes handle bar. It’s water resistant, but it’s not waterproof. There’s a big difference between the two. However, all the parts of the MC400 are sealed coated to cover them from rain showers and other elements of weather. Bear in mind if you are driving through heavy rainfall, you will need to cover up this speakers.
Apart from SD cards and USB drives, you can always connect the speakers with a device that has an audio output such as Smartphone, MP3 player and iPhone/iPod directly into the audio input of your speaker. This means that the cable has two 3.5 millimeter audio connections on every end.
Other features of the MC400 include:
• Volume control(rotary)
• Wired remote control volume that’s weatherproof
• Speaker and amplifier system that’s suitable for all types of terrain
• Comes with stainless steel brackets
The speaker cone is made with a substance known as Polyurethane and it’s usually put in the same category of a polymer. It’s a highly durable material that takes the place of cotton or rubber in different applications. In the cone speakers, the material provides total flexibility that enables production of super speakers that will last you for the longest time.
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PYLE PLMCA20 100 Watts Motorcycle/ATV/Snowmobile Mount Amplifier

PYLE PLMCA20 100 Watts Motorcycle/ATV/Snowmobile Mount Amplifier
If you love high quality auto music in your scooter, snowmobile, motorcycle, ATV or even boat, then this is the speaker system you need to install. It comes with 3” Dual weatherproof speakers and a 3.5mm/RCA Stereo Input Jack that easily connects to other output devices. Some of the devices that are compatible with this speakers include; IPod, Mp3 and CD. You don’t need SD cards or USB drives. You can take control of your sound production with the volume control that has both bass and treble digital controls. Just mount it up on your handlebars and easily turn it up and down without shifting your focus on the road. It’s easy to install as it comes with simple mounting brackets and accessories. Listen to music anywhere while on the go with this speakers and amplifiers.
With the PYLE PLMCA20 100 Watts Motorcycle sound system, your ride will not only sound exceptional, but it will also look great due to the distinct design of the 3 inch speakers installed. They are well finished with chrome to provide a look that matches your bikes construction. The speakers easily get connected to the base unit.
Easy to Install and mount
The stereo system comes with mounting accessories and brackets with detailed instruction that are simple to understand.
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BOSS Audio MC420B Bluetooth Enabled Motorcycle/UTV Speaker and Amplifier System

BOSS Audio MC420B Bluetooth Enabled Motorcycle/UTV Speaker and Amplifier System
The BOSS Audio MC420B motorcycle speakers although affordable are not waterproof and are only water resistant. The pair of 3″ Chrome Speakers is water resistant and the stainless steel brackets are easy to adjust. The wattage on these speakers can easily reach to a maximum of 600 watts so they work perfectly well in different types of noise conditions. This system comes with waterproof volume control that is simple and fast to use thus preventing you from distractions while on the move.
Although this model comes highly rated, there are cons that reviewers have observed. There are some people who have complained that they have experienced blow out of the 10 amp fuse while it was at 120 watts making it a poor choice for noisy or high speed driving.
With this model, you have to be careful during installation so that you wire it perfectly to avoid overheating.
Other features include:
• Volume control that’s waterproof
• Compact amplifier that’s 2 channel
• Speaker enclosures that protect against high impact and high temperatures
• 3.5mm Aux Input
• Bluetooth Audio Streaming
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Shklxmt485 Motorcycle Aluminum Bullet Shape Stereo System

Shklxmt485 Motorcycle Aluminium Bullet Shape Stereo System
The Shklxmt485 speakers are beautifully designed and simple to install. This Bluetooth A2DP wireless stereo system is perfect for cycling, racing and biking. It comes with in-built 2 channel amplify with a maximum of 800 watts power output. The plug port can be used with portable CD players, iPods, and Mp3 Players. The speakers also come with a USB charging port that’s perfect for GPS, mobile phone, Bluetooth intercom headsets and other DC 5V devices. It’s simple to install. All you need to do is pair or plug to play the 12VDC power supply. These speakers are highly directional and you need to point them to you. The sound is easily distorted when riding in a windy environment. All in all, they are ideal sound system for your bike at a very affordable price.
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Although almost every motorcycle rider is already used to high levels of noise as they drive, buying the right motorcycle speakers will mean more fun rides as you listen to music from your own system.
If you do not have a windscreen on your motorcycle already, think of getting one so that you can improve the audio of your new set of speakers.

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