5 Best Point and Shoot Camera Under 200 to Capture Every Moment

Smartphones have almost eradicated the use of low-end point and shoot cameras; but there are people who still love using a camera. One main benefit of a camera is that it comes with zoom lens, which greatly improves the quality of your photos, especially of those objects you cannot get a close look at. Also, low-end cameras are always very much simple to use, and will be a great option for those of your family members with technophobia. Low priced cameras are also the best choice for your teenage kids, as there will be no big impact even if the camera is damaged or lost.

If you are looking for a point and shoot camera under $200, you should first learn to separate the good from the bad. This is because, for many years now, manufacturers have been producing a number of similar models, most of which end up being worthless. Therefore, when searching for good cameras, there are certain specifications you should look for and compare. These include: storage card types, battery types, image stabilization, digital or optical zoom, size, and other additional features like HDR, GPS, Wi-Fi, etc.

pointandshootHaving spent several hours looking at many different types of point and shoot cameras in this price range and omitting quite a lot of them based on the specifications mentioned above, we have come up with the 5 best point and shoot camera under 200 for your reference. Take a look at our reviews of those cameras; hopefully, you’ll find one that suits your style and expectations.

Canon PowerShot 350 HS


If you are looking for a decent point and shoot camera that falls within your budget, the Canon PowerShot 350 HS is the best available option. With littlest effort, this camera is able to click bright colored, sharp pictures, and is also capable of producing clean images even in low light. While the brand has been gaining popularity for its DSLRs lately, the fact that Canon has been a reliable brand for affordable cameras cannot be denied. The 350 HS camera reflects the same reliability and it is a solid option for the price you pay for it. This camera excels in the quality of images it produces. The size of this camera is just right for you to slide it into your pocket or handbag easily. With 12X zoom, Wi-Fi connectivity, mobile device connection option, remote shooting, and image sync function, the Canon PowerShot 350 HS is the ideal choice for your $200 budget. (click here for more user reviews…)

Nikon COOLPIX L830


The Nikon COOLPIX L830 digital camera is suitable for both beginners as well as professionals. Its ergonomic body is well-designed, and the camera is completely user friendly. All buttons on the camera are spaced just right, so you don’t miss your chosen shots. The camera is also equipped with a hybrid anti vibration system that is designed to adjust shaking when you are shooting videos or clicking photos. The camera comes in three colors: black, red, and plum. (click here for more user reviews…)

Fujifilm FinePix XP80


The FinePix XP80 from Fujifilm is one of those rugged cameras that fit perfectly for holidays and family outings because it is designed to handle any possible obstacle. This model is shockproof, freeze proof, waterproof, and also sand and dust proof. To have all these outstanding features in a camera, usually you would have to spend a lot more than $200. But this one offers all premium features, in addition to good quality pictures, at an amazing price. The buttons on the camera are strategically placed to make handling easy. Though the LCD screen on the Fujifilm XP80 is relatively small, the view it provides is fully clear and bright. Offered in funky colors like yellow, blue, and graphite black, this will be a perfect camera for you if you are an adventure seeker. (click here for more user reviews…)

Sony DSCWX220/B


This is an ultra compact point and shoot camera that doesn’t compromise on style as well as performance. With optical zoom being the prime selling feature on most cameras, the Sony DSCWX220/B is equipped with 10x lens, which offers excellent picture quality. Sony has certainly packed the model with various automatic techs, but is also offers quite a lot of effects that let you put the creative part of your brain to full use. There are people who still believe that the smaller a camera, lower will be its picture quality. But this model from Sony has definitely broken this belief by packing a hefty punch in this slender body. (click here for more user reviews…)

Samsung WB30F


The Samsung WB30F has a 16.2 MP lens with 10x optical zoom and has an ultra slim body. Backed up by optical image stabilization, this camera has wide array of features despite its compact size. Apart from the usual black, red is the alternate color option for this Samsung point and shoot camera. If you are a photo enthusiast, you will be happy to know that the camera’s lens is designed to stretch to a length of 24mm. With the features this camera offers for its pricing, you are sure to capture some lovely pictures, provided your conditions are right. (click here for more user reviews…)

If you are fed up using your smartphone for taking pictures and recording videos, choose a point and shoot camera from our list and start enjoying the benefits of a standalone camera.

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