5 Best Tire Chains Reviews For A Safe Ride In The Toughest Weather

The best tire chains on the market will securely fit over your tires and offer you the right amount of traction and grip on wet surfaces. Your all season tires will not offer dependable grip to get you to your destination safely. Although winter tires may be the perfect solution for this kind of problem, it doesn’t make sense to buy a whole new set of tires simply for a couple of weeks. The most logic way of getting around this is to purchase a good pair of tire chains. The concept behind snow chains is to cover metal chains around your tires so as to get a method to drive through slippery surfaces in such a way that all season tires simply cannot. When you have the tire chains put on your tires, it’s best to drive slowly so as to prevent any problems such as dislodging of the chains.

Our Top 5 Picks Of The Best Tire Chains Are…

Thule 9mm CG9 Tire Chain

Thule 9mm CG9 Premium Passenger Car Snow Chain, Size 095The Thule CG9 tire chains are easy to install and remove. They have a self-tensioning that does away with the need to move your car when installing. These chains have a 9mm measurement meaning that they are well suited to smaller vehicles. The bright colored assembly is simple to use and will offer extra visibility in poorly light conditions.

The 9mm tire chain provides excellent clearance which allows them to be used in small cars providing a more comfortable ride. The alloy bumpers help in protecting your wheels from any damage. In spite of the small size of the chain, they are constructed with premium steel that offers excellent durability. Although Thule CG9 is pricey, it provides total convenience and exceptional performance. If you are looking for chains that you will use regularly then the Thule 9mm CG9 are an excellent choice.
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Security Chain Company SZ143 Tire Chain

Security Chain Company SZ143 Super Z6 Cable Chain
The Security Chain Company Super Z6 tire chain is a perfectly rounded product that offers exceptional traction for an affordable price. It’s straightforward to install and even a novice can install this chains on their own within minutes. One of the best features about the Super Z6 is the built in rubber tightener. This is a technology that will adjust and re-tighten your chains after installation so that you do not have to do it manually. Better yet, Security Chain Company SZ143 Super Z6 Cable Chain offers a smooth synchronization with anti-lock brakes, traction control and all-wheel drive to ensure safer driving. This tire chains are designed to work perfectly well in cars, SUVs and pickups with minimal operation clearance on all the sides of the drive tires.

Anyone who has owned these chains raves about how properly they grip icy and snowy surfaces without damaging your tires even with the least clearance. Before you buy this snow chains, you should note that a speed limit of 30MPH will make your local driving experience best. At just a cost of $78 at the time of this review, the chain falls within a mid price range. With no doubt, we highly recommend the Security Chain Company Super Z6 even for the first time buyer.
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Peerless 0153005 Auto-Trac Tire Chain

Peerless 0153005 Auto-Trac Tire Chain
Peerless 0153005 Auto-Trac Tire Chains work perfectly in different sizes of tires making them an excellent fit for SUVs, trucks and sedans. If you reside in an area that heavily snows, we recommend these chains next time the snow falls. Peerless chains may first feel too tight or loose. A lot of people thought they actually bought the wrong size simply because of this. But after the trial sessions, the chains fit perfectly and they were also easy to install.

The tire chains come with stress-free, self-tightening ratchets that guarantee automatic tightening and centering. If you hate stopping on the roadside to secure your tire chains, then we are sure you will love how snugly this product fits. Actually, this systems completely eliminates loose chains altogether. If you are an experienced user, you should be able to put these chains within minutes. Even for the inexperienced person, installing this unit is straight forward. However, it’s important to perform some practice runs when the weather is good to get a handle on everything. The diamond pattern cross tire chain offers a smoother rider and top notch traction. Even after consistent use, these chains will show very little signs of wear and tear. They also meet all the class “S” clearance requirements.
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AutoSock Standard X30 Winter Traction Aid

 AutoSock Standard X30 Winter Traction Aid, For Passenger Tires
The AutoSock Standard X30 Winter Traction Aid are an alternative to bulky tire chains. Instead of using noisy chains around the tire, the Autosock makes use of a flexible, well designed textile cover that enfolds the entire tire. The surface is made of traction enhancing fibers that get traction on snow and ice just like snow chains. Autosock is easy to mount, comfortable while driving and doesn’t cause any noise or vibrations.
If you are worried about its durability in the long term, Autosock is completely reusable and can be machine washed after you have used it to clean the dirt that is in the textile. And when not in use, simply fold and store it conveniently. You will only need one set per vehicle even for 4WD and AWD applications. Every set comes with a user manual, gloves, storage bag and two Autosocks. (click here for more user reviews…)

Thule 12mm CB12 Car Snow Chain

Thule 12mm CB12 High Quality Passenger Car Snow Chain, Size 090

If it’s the first time you are buying snow chains, then you should settle for Thule 12mm CB12 tire chains. Why? They are easy to install and come backed by a 5 year warranty. They are also constructed with high quality steel with smaller gauges that offer a smooth and comfortable ride even on dry surfaces. The dual sided and D-shaped links provide great traction on snow and ice and also promise a longer product life. Reviewers who have owned these chains say that they show minimal wear and tear even after prolonged usage. The tightening system will automatically adjust and tighten the chains over time so you don’t have to stop by the roadside trying to fix the adjustments on your own.

We cannot think of any other tire chain that will offer such a well rounded package when it comes to reliability and performance. If you are in search of an affordable pair of snow chains that will get you through the most wintery conditions, then Thule 12mm CB12 is the right choice for you.
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NOTE: Confirm with your state before you purchase tire chains as there are illegal in some states.
For the best experience when driving on slippery roads, get your car some tire chains and you won’t regret.

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