5 Best Trucking Jobs That Make Your Friends Jealous


It is absolutely no secret that OTR, or over the road, truck driving is one of the most difficult jobs available worldwide. However, also a fact is that truck drivers are those who are known to make the best money. The main reason for this is that only a few individuals come forward to take up the job as a truck driver, and of course, only a few can really do it. There are many trucking jobs out there and many of those positions are known to go unfilled every year due to lack of drivers. Despite this fact, the entry standards for trucking jobs always remain high because the primary focus here is safety. After all, when you are handed the keys of a truck with products worth millions of dollars and thousands of lb. in weight, there is obviously going to be a lot of expectations from you pertinent to its delivery.

This article looks at the five best trucking jobs that can benefit you the most and make your friends jealous. But before we move on to that part, let us first look into some of the basics of trucking jobs and the industry.

Becoming a Truck Driver

When it comes to the work environment and lifestyle of being a truck driver, this job will be best for those of you who love being independent, enjoy driving and work well with people. As a truck driver, you will come across people of different personalities and get to build a lot of different contacts from different places, which is one of the benefits of being a trucker.

One other typical feature of trucking jobs is that not all days will be the same. You can be sure of experiencing something new each day, regardless of if you are travelling the same route or driving to a different destination. This makes the job ideal for adventure seekers.

Advantages of Trucking Jobs

If you are interested in trucking, or if you are planning to change career, then you should definitely consider entering the trucking industry because of the various benefits you will get to enjoy.

Good Pay

With a high demand for truck drivers worldwide, companies that require their merchandise transported are now willing to pay more money and provide bonuses to truckers, especially for those involved in long hauls. Also, companies come forward to pay even more for those drivers with experience, knowledge and with good safety records because it is quite hard to find such drivers. In addition, truck drivers have guaranteed bonuses and pay raises as they add more years to their experience in trucking. Some companies also offer money for loading and unloading, which usually happens to be a high percentage.

Job Security

Job security in this industry has always been high and is expected to continue the same way. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has stated that there will be need for more truck drivers in the future as there is an increase in demand for goods. This is very true because companies will always need drivers to transport goods, right from raw materials to finished products.

Work Flexibility

Many trucking companies offer flexible schedules to truck drivers. They are also allowed to choose the haul they wish and decide between long distance runs, cross region runs, and local runs. Also, it wouldn’t be a problem for a truck driver to move to a different part of the country, mostly with the same trucking company.

Great Benefits

Most truck drivers are offered excellent benefit packages by their employers. Some of the benefits offered include medical coverage such as vision, dental, prescription medication; retirement plans; and also life insurance. Truckers also get to enjoy paid holidays and vacations.

5 Best Trucking Jobs

Whether you are new to the industry or already in it, following are the 5 best trucking jobs you should consider taking up to make your friends jealous:

Oversized Truck Drivers

Driving trucks with heavy loads and double wide trucks will get you high pays. To take up such jobs you will be required to have completed special training and acquired special license to ensure safe transportation. And obviously, the benefits and pay rate would be more for the skills you develop.

Liquid Hauling Truckers

Chemicals, gas, and other hazardous liquids have to be transported very carefully. Hence, truckers to be involved in such transportation require tremendous skill and experience to haul them. Therefore, when you engage in liquid hauling, you are bound to earn more based on your experience and the hazardous material you will be transporting.

Ice Road Truckers

ice road trucking

Almost 75 percent of ice roads are found to be in the Arctic Circle. Truckers driving through such paths will have to battle extremely dangerous conditions, extreme temperatures that can reach even up to -40 degrees, periodic white outs, and also frequent storms. If you like to take up this challenge, you can earn even more than $120,000, working only for a few months in a year.

Mining Industry Truckers

One of the most sought after jobs in the mining industry is that of a truck driver due to the high pay rates in the industry. No matter whether you work as a contractor or for companies, driving an enormous mining dump truck can help you earn as much as $100,000 a year.

Interstate Truck Drivers

If you are looking for a trucking job that is relatively less adventurous but still can get you high pays, being an interstate truck driver will give you just that. The heavy loads you will have to deliver, tight schedules to meet, and longer distances to cover are the factors leading to higher pay.

Based on the company and job you choose, your pay and benefits will vary. However, each of these 5 best trucking jobs can surely make your friends jealous.

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