5 Trucking Companies That Hire Felons

Being a felon comes with its challenges. One of the challenges that felons face is getting a job. Many openings have restrictions regarding their policies to employ felons. However, you can work as a truck driver. There are a number of truck driving companies that allows felons to join their work force. Most of these companies have restrictions on the kind of felons that can work for them while other accept anyone who has the skill and capability to do what is required as a truck driver. Here is a list of five trucking companies that hire felons.

Boyd Bros Transportation

boyd reviewBoyd Bros transportation Inc has its headquarters in Clayton Alabama. The company operates throughout the eastern two thirds of the United States. The company is mainly involved in the transportation building materials and steel products. This company employs felons with convictions that are 5 years old or more. The company has no other restriction regarding the people that they can hire provided that the applying felon meets the condition set. However, the company is strict on its values and ensures that the necessary values are observed by its employees at all times. The company has a wide fleet of vehicles. It has also invested in new facilities for the provision of its services. Other than trucking, the company is also involved in logistic services and related support services.

Roehl Transport

roehlThis is one of the main employers of truck drivers. This company hire felons with convictions that are seven years old or more. Roehl Transport has the advantage of offering the hired employees training and other career development options. The company has a number of trucks and is known to always have openings for enthusiastic truck drivers. Other than driving services, the company is involved in logistical services including cold storage and warehouse. It is also known to be a brokerage company that offers the services to its customers. This is one of the few companies that offer their employees an opportunity to grow and felons a second chance in life.

Barr-Nunn Transportation

barr-nunnThis company also employs felons with convictions that are seven years old or more. However, one must have 12 months experience as a truck driver to be hired by the company. With these conditions met, you can be a member of staff of Barr-Nunn Transportation. The company emphasizes on safety. It offers its employees safety bonuses enabling those who are safe in their driving a better check. In addition to the bonus, the drivers get a life insurance cover especially for those drivers who are confirmed to work permanently. The company pays its salaries weekly through a direct deposit that is made to the driver’s account. It is one of the best companies that any felon can work for because of its better pay, better machines, and ample working hours.

Hunt Transportation

huntHunt transportation allows felons with convictions that are 10 years old or more and have 12 months experience to work for them. It is a national wide trucking company with offices across the nation. The company specializes in flatbed trucking jobs. The company usually has openings for national, regional, and home weekly jobs. It is one of those companies that will give you a good job and perfect trucks to operate. The company offers orientation packages that allow new drivers to get something to start. It also offers one of the best packages with some of the highest pays per mile. This is the company to contact for continuous work and good working conditions. With a fleet of new trucks you are guarantee to have a decent pay. As you grow with experience, the remuneration package increases. Its rewarding scheme has enabled it to retain some of the best drivers.

Swift transportation

swiftSwift transportation hires felons with convictions that are ten years old or more. The company offers its drivers training. The company has one of the widest databases of skilled drivers and a fleet for them to manage. It is also one of the busiest trucking companies that felons can choose from. The company has a number of services that it offers including Canada trips and services, dry van, flat bed, and heavy haul driving. The company is a dominant company in North America. This is where felons with experience who need trucking jobs find a heaven.

Even if you are a felon, you can still get a job as a truck driver. All you need to do is check a company that employs people who are under circumstances that you are in and work hard. Most of these companies are value and principle driven and one needs to follow them to remain a part of the community. As a felon, it is not the end of the world nor do you have to take any job however bad it is, there are many other trucking companies that offer felons jobs. So one still has a myriad of options and a driver can still chose and get a better employer to work for, even as a felon.

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