Best Trucking Company To Work For

You are probably here because you have decided you want to be a truck driver. You have finally gone through training and are now ready to hit the road and join one of the country’s best trucking companies. However, you have to find the best trucking company to work for; each comes with its own terms and compensation rates.
Additionally, the trucking company you will choose to work for will have an impact on your life in whole. What you may want to get from your employer will also depend on what point you are in your career as a truck driver.
The best employers know that qualified and experienced drivers are an investment and therefore, their benefits should match their skills. To help you make a wise decision we have compiled for you the best trucking companies to work for.
J.B. Hunt Transport Services

JB Hunt
This national company has its headquarters in Lowell, AR catering for multiple Fortune 500 companies. The company has innovative solutions that really value each customer, which ensures suppliers come back for more. The company has friendly coworkers and highly holds professionalism. Although J.B Hunt is located in Arkansas, truck drivers who are interested in working for the company will find jobs in over 40 states.
Driver incentives
Drivers seeking to work here can expect several options which include working full time or contract work. Contractors can also lease vehicles straight from the company. All the truck drivers can enjoy both regional and local routines. If you are thinking of switching fields, then this is a great company to work for because it has its own truck driving school.
United Parcel Service(UPS)

UPS is practically a household name and I bet you are already familiar with this company. Their brown trucks and personnel in brown uniforms are characteristic in our present-day busy lives. From its modest beginnings in 1907 as a messenger company, it has grown tremendously. This shipping and logistics company uses ground transport, but it delivers to more than 200 countries through airfreight and carrier ships. It has its headquarters in Atlanta, GA.
Driver incentives
As much as this company features so many jobs, driving is the most prominent. That means there are a lot of openings for drivers looking to work with them as truck drivers. Truck drivers who work for UPS are well paid, but you have to work hard.
As a UPS truck driver, you will be expected to always deal with traffic and deliver your route on time whether you are driving in the busy streets or in country roads. However, for the much pressure, you will be compensated extremely well, probably better than anyone else in this line of business.
The company always promotes workers from within so if you are patient enough and deliver great services, you will definitely get a promotion in the long run.
If you want to work in a fast moving environment that offers good pay to its employees, then UPS is the right place to be. They are the biggest employer of truck drivers and you can be assured of getting back home to be with your family each day. You will also have free weekends because the company works for local routes. However, the chances of landing on a full time job in this transport company are quite limited because of the low employee turnover. The only way you can join this giant transport company is search for a transit center near you and apply for a part time job. After you succeed in getting the part time job, work your way up.
Schneider National

schneider national
With its headquarters in GreenBay, WI, Schneider National is a very unique transport company. It’s mainly focused on decreasing its emission of carbon dioxide on the environment. Schneider National is also a member of the SmartWay transport which is a partnership that is run by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This is a great company for the worker who is highly concerned for their environment.
Driver incentives
The company offers a sign on bonus for truck drivers who are new. A truck driver can expect to earn $ 3,400 upfront in addition to their regular pay. Drivers also get bonuses based on the miles covered. All in all, there are some positions in this company that pay over $65,000 yearly.

American Central Transport (ACT)

American Central Transport (ACT)

American Central Transport (ACT) has its main offices in Liberty, MO and it’s a family owned business since 1926. The company has put up high safety and standard measures for both its drivers and customers.
This is a premium company that serves major shippers all over the eastern half of the US. Some of its major shipping points are Atlanta, Houston, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Chicago Columbus, Charlotte, Des Moines St. Louis, Dallas and Memphis among others.
Driver Incentives
Truck drivers for American Central Transport (ACT) can make a cool $0.46 for every mile change. In the truck driving business, this really adds up to a good amount. This company does not clearly outline any extra benefits for its workers, but truck drivers can expect a good working environment that upholds respect among executives and drivers.


FedEx is a global transport company with its headquarters in Memphis and Tennesse. This giant transport company was first created to make use of computer technologies and material handling. It has grown and spread through major US cities. The company has a reputation for passion in delivering their services.
Driver incentives
The company always ensures that their trucks are in good condition for the safety of their drivers. They regularly service and maintain them so that drivers are confident to work with them. Their truck drivers make about $17 to $30 per hour or even much depending on their mileage. The company is family oriented and it emphasizes on truck drivers working close to their homes.
There are lot of trucking companies to work for, both big and small, but there are those that leave a lot to be desired. Carrying out proper research and establishing what you want to get out of the company you are interested in is vital in making the right decision. However, with our list, you can be sure for a great future and the opportunity to advance in your career.

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