CDL Training Cost

The demand for professional, qualified truck drivers is on an all-time high and the trend is set to rise in the coming years. So this means a career in truck driving is definitely worth as there are more job opportunities being created.

Being a truck driver comes with many benefits such as better pay and an opportunity to travel to different parts of the world without incurring extra costs. However, to become a licensed truck driver you will need to attend a cdl training school. But the question is, what is the cdl training cost?

If you are interested in starting a career as a truck driver, there are several options out there for you. One option is to join a privately owned truck driving school and get a loan from the government which will help you cover the cost of training upfront. The other option would be to attend a truck driving school that’s operated by a trucking company. You could also join a public truck driving school. These options are great, but there are several things you need to know before you settle on any of them. Here are some of the differences.

cdl training cost
Privately owned truck driving school

An independently run truck driving school will cost about $3000-$7000, depending on the school you settle for. However it’s usually simple to get a student loan that will cater for your tuition. The government is aware that truck drivers make lots of money so they are confident that you will be able to pay back the loan.
If you are granted a student loan, you are given up to six months after you graduate to start paying the loan back. This is usually more than enough time to find a truck driving job and save some extra money to begin paying back. Furthermore, the payments are very minimal – about $125 per month, and the interest rate is also minimal – so it’s an excellent way to invest in yourself!

Public truck driving schools

These schools include community colleges and vocational schools. Such schools provide extensive training for a minimum of 3 months before you can acquire your cdl license. They are also cheaper when compared to private schools as they range from $2000 to $5000.

trucker driving lesson
Company-Sponsored CDL Training

These is a cdl training school that is owned and run by a trucking company. Technically, the entire cdl training can be absolutely free, but not without a catch! You will have to sign an agreement to work for the company for a given period of time after you graduate. This could be for about a year with a lower pay rate so that you can pay back the company for taking care of your schooling expenses. If you stop working for the company before the agreed period of time is up, you may have to pay back the company some amount of money for the training. The amount you will pay back will almost be the same to the amount you would have paid if you had gone to an independently run cdl training school.

Before you choose any cdl training there are several factors to be considered…


Many people will select their cdl training based on the price. I will not agree, neither will I disagree. Often, price is usually the correct way to make a decision more so if the comparisons don’t make much difference. However, price should just be a consideration and not the final decision maker when it comes to selecting a truck driving school. All truck driving schools are not equal and if you base your decision on this alone, you could be making a decision that can affect your entire career.
Truck driving schools within the same locality are usually similar in price, with less than a $500 difference between them. If there is one school that has a big difference in pricing about $1000 or more, find out why there is such a huge difference. If you are interested in a particular truck driving school and you realize the pricing is more than you had expected, inquire about grants, financing and how other students pay for their course. Get to know the differences between the various schools so that you can make a decision that’s based on quality, not just the price.

Job placement

cdl training cost
Job placement is an important part of every truck driving school program. The main purpose why you chose to attend a truck driving school is to find a new job and if the school you are attending doesn’t place its students into a truck driving company, something may be wrong. Both independent and company sponsored cdl programs should have job placement.
There are students who may never find any jobs in the industry, and it’s the role of the school to let such students know that they may never get employed in the first place. Every school that has been in operation for over six months knows exactly what trucking companies are looking for. Students with several moving violations, recent felonies or DUIs and accidents will in most cases not find any jobs in the trucking industries and trucking companies are aware of the same.

Quality of Training

When searching for a truck driving school, quality training should be your top priority. The school you settle for should not have more than five students to a trainer and students should be instructed while they are behind a wheel. There are schools where there is a lot of practice in the lots going on at the same time and instructors move from one student to another checking on them. Although this may sound great-you’re getting more time behind the wheel – students may be making the same mistakes over and over with no one to help on how to correct them. What this means is that your mistakes are translating to habits which isn’t good. When a student is behind the wheel, the trainer should be closely monitoring them and making corrections where necessary.


Settle for a school that’s easily accessible. Just because a school is near you doesn’t mean it’s better than the one that’s farthest from you. What I’m trying to emphasize here is: choose a school that meets your needs, not just the location.
With that, we hope you are going to carefully choose a good truck driving school. Do not let the cdl training cost scare you. There are so many truck driving schools and I’m sure you will find one that suits you if you take your time.

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