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Company Profile

cflogoBased in Salt Lake City, UT, central refrigerated has grown since its inception into one of the largest trucking companies in the United States. It also has other terminal locations in Denver, Fontana, California, Conley, Georgia and Colorado with different drop yards all over the country. The company mainly specializes in refrigerated freight with more than 95% of their cargo being perishable foods. The fleet has over 1,800 power units and 2,700 refrigerated trailers that operate in all the 48 states of the United States.

The company also has a fully equipped CDL training school that’s located in their Salt Lake City, UT head offices. For those interested in joining the trucking industry, the company will provide a comprehensive training.

What are the company’s Minimum Hiring Qualifications?

• Should be more than 21 years of age
• Must have a valid social security card
• Must pass the DOT physical and any other tests given by central refrigerated
• Show previous employments at least 3 years with proof
• Should pass all the security and hiring interviews
• Should have a clean driving license
• Should pass wellness tests given by the company such as blood pressure, lifting techniques and heart rates tests.

What are the benefits of working in Central Refrigerated Offer Over Other Companies?

Central refrigerated
• Pays some of the best rates with extra performance bonuses
• Has well maintained equipment and some of the most technologically advanced models
• Paid vacations
• You are allowed to take passengers with you
• Company drivers have paid tolls
• Drivers are compensated for unloading and just 10% of the cargo is driver unloaded
• Receive life insurance, medical, dental and vision coverage
• 401K retirement plan
• Receive in-cab emails

How much do their drivers get paid?

When you join the company as a solo driver, you will begin at $.26cpm. After 6 months of working for the company, you will get a 1cpm increase, and then another 1cpm increase after other 6 months and 0.5cents increases every year thereafter. There are also other benefits that you will get to receive as a company driver.
Some of the bonuses include:
• Safety bonus: $75 per quarter if training requirements are met in good time
Idle time: truck drivers are given 30% idle time. If a driver has less than 20% idle time, then they get a 1cpm bonus. For 20 to 25% idle time, the driver will receive 0.5cpm bonus. If you have more than 25% then you are not eligible for any bonus. Idling for more than 30% is also accepted but in really extreme weather conditions.
• Productivity bonus: 1cpm is give to drives that have more than 10,500 miles in a month.

Company CDL training program

Lady Central refrigeratedtruck driver
The company offers a good CDL training program to those who wish to join the trucking career. Although most companies will offer CDL training that is 4 weeks long, this company offers an accelerated course which will see you become a CDL owner within just 2 weeks. This will enable you get into the road faster than you would in other truck driving schools. If you do not mind the fast learning pace in the company, then this is the best truck driving school to enroll in.
After you have completed your CDL, the company has some of the best paid training than most other truck driving companies and it’s structured in a really effective way. The time you will spend with your instructor is neither too long nor too short and it will adequately prepare you to face the road on your own.

Central Refrigerated Reviews from real truck drivers about this company

Even after working for the company for over a year, I never quite felt comfortable. Can’t seem to put a finger on what really made me uncomfortable, but I never was settled. I had issues with my dispatcher and it seemed like the higher you climbed in the pay scale, the less the miles. I was not happy at all and I do not recommend this company. (Mark)

I worked at Central Refrigerated Service as a full time employee for just less than a year. About 7 months. The company offers a great training program to get your CDL. My OTR trainer was quite decent and I learned so much during the time I was with him out there. The starting pay when one got solo was just more than what most other trucking companies would pay. However, you can stay away from your family for weeks. But if you are an OTR driver, this is highly expected. Another con about this company is that the sitting time waiting for loads is so long. Often the shippers will take so much time to load or offload without giving you any pay for the wasted time.( Amanda)

It was fun getting to see all the 48 states. Being on the road and seeing the new sites really excited me. I really loved the job and my driver manager was great. He really worked with me and ensured I got home time when I needed it. According to me, the company was exceptionally good. (Victor)

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