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Company Profile

Cr england
CR England was established in 1920 in Salt Lake City, UT. Over the years, the company has grown into one of the largest refrigerated trucking companies in the country with more than 3,500 trucks, 4,600 drivers and 5,600 trailers. The company operates 24/7 in all the states in the United States and its specialty is in the long distance freight operations.
Further, CR England runs its own driving school. This facility helps the company to recruit people who are willing to become truck drivers but they do not have a CDL or any experience truck driving.

CR England Lease Truck Driver Pay

If you would like to join the lease program at CR England, then there are two options. The first one is to lease a truck for 6 months as a demo lease and the other one is to lease your own truck. Either way, you will get paid but it will depend on the independent contractor pay scale. Every empty mile is usually paid at $0.80 per mile. For loaded pay, it is usually based on a descending pay scale.

What is the driver pay at CR England?

There are two ways in which the company pays its drivers.
• Becoming a company driver. If you opt to become a company driver, you will earn 26cpm. After you have worked for 6 months, you are eligible for a pay rise of 27cpm. After a year, you receive 29cpm. After the first year, you will be getting a 1cpm raise every year you work for the company until you get to 42cpm.
• You can choose to remain a second seat driver. If you become a second seat driver, you will be making 13 cents for every mile.

Extra Pay and Bonuses

Does the company provide fuel bonus?
CR England does not have a fuel bonus program to company drivers but there is unload pay, layover compensation and stop pay.

What are the benefits of working for CR England?

• You will receive competitive training pay
• No payment of tuition fees
• You will work with new and well maintained equipment
• You will not be expected to give tuition fees deposit
• Professional driver support staff
• The company has been in business for over 90 years
Get your CDL within 2 to 3 weeks
• You are guaranteed a job straight upon graduation

CR england
CR England Reviews from real truck drivers

This is a great company to start your career but not one you would want to build your career in. I can’t say everything was bad while I worked there, so here are some pros and cons of the company.
• One can make as much money as they want
• Have a 17day course that helps you get your CDL and they try to put you on the road as fast as possible.
• They allow drivers who are inexperienced to work for them
• Have the lowest pays in the industry
• Home hours are hard to come by( one of the main reason I left the company)
• Bad place to work in especially if you have a wife and kids.
• A lot of drivers have negative attitude towards their job ( Kyle)
I have worked in the company for less than a year and I would never recommend it to anyone! There is nothing good about them. They do not value their drivers, never pay them and they keep lying to them. Drivers are human beings not just a means of helping your company make millions! Treat them that way. Worst company I have ever worked for. (Carl)

I have worked in CR England for a year and the best I can say about them is that they will help you get your CDL fast if you do not have one. Other than that, all the best should you choose to join them. Everything else about this company is a total lie. You will get the cheapest payments in the country yet the company is the largest refrigerated hauler. If the truck has a malfunction, be ready to wait for long hours before it’s actually repaired. Getting home is one of the hardest things as you have to give a notice of two weeks in advance. Then even after you have given the notice, you hope that there is no one else going home the same time you are. Further, if you get your CDL while working for the company you are struck there for about 6 to 9 months contract. If you quit before then, they will have your CDL revoked. (Kevin)

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