CRST Trucking Reviews: See What Truckers Say

CRST is an international logistics management company that has been in the business for more than 60 years. The company is known to be among the major employers of truck drivers who are involved in transportation of goods. The international family of companies offer the following services Expedited Team Service, Dry Van, Flatbed, Dedicated Services, High Value/White Glove Services, Temperature Controlled, Transportation management, Brokerage, Home Delivery/First & Final Mile, Warehousing, LTL, and Intermodal with trucking being its core business. The Chicago company transports a variety of product locally and across borders.

It is always important to try to be optimistic about the job that one gets because how one feels about the job will determine how one will feel every day when waking up to go for work. Being a truck driver and who has worked for many companies brings with it a wealth of experience with different employers. However, most drivers seldom do reviews for the companies that they work for but CRST is one of those companies that compel truck drivers to write something about CRST trucking because there is some information to share about the experience of working for the company.

crst trucking reviewWhile at CRST the first thing that will impress every truck driver are the road safety training that drivers are were taken through. The company stands out as one that cares about the safety of its truck drivers. They nurture pride among the drivers and there is always some work to do. Drivers never run short of work if you need one. However, other than these pros the company has an equal number of cons. The first issue is the pay. While at the trucking company you can make around $300 and $400 a week as a driver. The other con is that it is hard to take a break especially when there is slot of work. Drivers get fatigued and still have some work to do and long hours of service. Working with CRST is good for a driver who is just starting his career. A new driver will benefit a lot. However, when one moves up the ranks, you should leave the place because you will not be getting value for the service you give.

There has been a lot of bashing on CRST trucking reviews on the internet. However, it is important to admit that while there may be some truth to it, the experience while working with the trucking company will be slightly different. Working with the company for two years as a second company to work for, like any other organization, there are some positive to the service and some negative aspects about the employer.


Free education. For every truck driver, education on safety and other certification is a plus. A driver gets a $4500 worth of education for freed and a Class A CDL.

The company value time. compared to other companies driver can work for, this is one of the few companies that take time seriously and do not waste a lot of their employees time.

Friendly guys at the place. The place is warm and welcoming. Everybody is friendly and ready to assist in various ways. The other drivers are welcoming and warm. Drivers never forget the free cafeteria where all the bonding happens.


Low pay. Drivers get paid 22 cents for every mile for the first three months in the company. The salary was increased but not much as everyone expects.

Slow professional progress: If you are looking for a place where you can climb the ladder fast, then this is not the company for you. Moving from one stage to the next takes quite some time. Most people quit before they progress because they can’t wait longer.

The management of the company is unnecessarily harsh and unfriendly. They can be more cooperative and considerate.

Working for CRST for sometimes will gives every driver a number of reason to stay attached. Here are some of these reasons:

  • Drivers get their CDL and other certification with ease. Compared to other employers who will need drivers to do the training independently CRST need to be commended for realizing the importance of the certification.
  • Drivers make good friends and always get work. Life at CRST is fun especially if you are the social type. Drivers also get continuous flow of work even at entry level.

These reasons make drivers leave CRST:

  • Low pay. Drivers barely make $600 a week with all the work that they do. On the other hand, in other posting they can comfortably make that much in a week. Within the first six months, drivers do not expect any good money from the company.
  • Too much work. Drivers have to stretch to make ends meet. There is a lot of work at the place and inconsiderate managers. If the company realizes that you are a good driver, they can really push you to click numbers.

Best advice is that one should get to get a CDL through them and move on to other places with better work environment.

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