Freightliner Cascadia Review: Is This The Right Truck For You?

Freightliner Cascadia are trucks that every truck driver can relate to. It is a heavy-duty semi-trailer truck that comes under the flagship of the Freightliner brand. The truck is manufactured by Daimer Trucks North America and assembled locally in United States. The vehicle comes in automatic transmission and has sufficient power for long journeys. It is branded as a fuel efficient vehicle and comes in three versions and these are Day Cab, Mid Roof XT, and Raised Roof.

The company has continually improved its various brands. Every new releases of the truck come with additional advantage that are specially intended for long travels. This is one of the few brands that continually improve its performance with needs of the drivers. The trucks come in variation of powers with its modern brands ranging from between 455 and 505 HP. The vehicle comes with 7.0% increased fuel economy. It runs on a newly designed Detroit DD15 engine that is available exclusively for the machine operating on a Next-generation Amplified Common Rail Fuel System (ACRS). The pistons of the engine are specially designed to reduce friction.
Freightliner Cascadia
In addition to these features, the truck has variable speed water pump that reduces the load that the engine has during performance. It has an optional automated transmission system and effective cooling system made of an improved fan. An experience with Freightliner Cascadia is one that every truck driver would like to fathom when he sees the truck. The vehicle is designed for long journeys. The vehicles promise fuel efficiency, aerodynamics, and highway comfort.

Good Features
This is every drivers comfort machine. The vehicle is good for long journeys because you get all the comfort that you would desire. The best brand for this is the raised roof truck. It has ample space for the necessary comfort for long journey. The comfort is also supported by the door openings. The doors open from both the cabs and to the bunk. The doors are also large enough to allow easy entry and access to other things to be carried. The cab and bunk are also high enough to the desire of every driver.

The truck has one of the most comfortable seats that you can ever find in any truck. The seats come with arms and they are large enough for any person. The seats are wider, higher and are longer than the standard seats. Some of the trucks come with swivel ability making it one of the most comfortable seats you can find around.

The cab noise in these trucks is more subtle. The company has done a lot in trying to reduce the noise that the driver will experience when driving. The truck boats of 50% reduction in both engine and wind noise when driving the truck.

The trucks are good for high speed driving. The design and engine performance of the Freightliner Cascadia suits speed performance for long journeys in good roads. They have the power and the fuel efficiency that makes them good for industrial use.

They come with antenna that is effective in connecting with its other logistic management system. The communication systems of these trucks are among the best that you can find in the market.

Things To Improve
The trucks windows on the door ate small. Most of the brands are designed such that the windows do not open. This makes it difficult for the drivers to communicate and pass things through the window.

The side windows do not roll out when the engine is off. Although this is intended for security purposes, it is inconveniencing for many drivers. It makes it difficult to access the vehicle through the side window for other purposes other than when you are driving. The control buttons are also set in reverse of what is intuitive to the control up and down motion.

The truck is designed such that the idle setting must be manipulated to keep the engine in the idle state. Otherwise, the engine will shut down if left in the idle state for a long time. This is some of the measures that make the truck fuel-efficient. However, it does not work well for drivers, as you have to restart the engine even after a short break.

The design of the air outlet from the under the bunk heater unit is not good enough. The outlet directs the air in the wrong direction. As a truck driver, the air pressure from the releasing point may affect your comfort while you are within the cabin.

Still wondering if Freightliner Cascadia is for you? Go give it a test drive!

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