Highest Paying Truck Driving Jobs

It’s quite easy to land a trucking job nowadays, since there is a need for shipping that’s started to take off again. But the question remains, how do you find the best paying trucking jobs? There are several ways of looking for the high paying trucking jobs, but not all of them are effective. There are lots of trucking recruiting companies that will help you land those high paying jobs. The last thing you would ever want is to be stuck in a job that is low paying.
But why are these trucking jobs high paying? Well, some trucking jobs pay more than others because only a few people can do them while others only a few truck drivers are willing to do them and others just both of the above reasons. Here is a list of the best paying trucking jobs around the world. See if you could try any of them!

Ice Road Truckers

ice road truckers
Due to the danger that is involved in ice road trucking jobs, these risky job opportunities pay way better than the regular truck driving job. Despite the challenges that come with this job, a lot of truckers from all over the world, try pursuing a career in the ice roads with a goal of making as much money as possible during the short season it lasts. The season usually lasts for about 2 o 3 months each year so each ice road trucker tries to make as much money as they can. This kind of job comes with so many risks, one of them is that a rig can easily break down leaving the driver extremely cold ( -40 degrees), fatigue to the drivers, frequent storms, and random ‘whiteouts’. The trips may take about 3 days to complete. The truck drivers may make more than $120,000 plus for each month they are working. If these challenges do not easily scare you, then you can try your hand in this kind of job.

Dump truck driver in the mining industry

dump truck driver
The mining industry in Australia is one of the fields with the highest paid professionals. Within the mining jobs, the most coveted job is that of a trucker in the various mining fields. Driving a large dump truck used in the Australian mining fields (more than 340 tonnes) may be one of the jobs in the mining industry that requires very minimal manual labor and both men and women are always seeking this job. The annual salary for most truckers in the region is $100,000.

Truck driver in Iraq


Truck drivers in Iraq deal with real risks from car bombs to kidnappings. These truck drivers carry supplies or food to military outposts in the region and are tempting targets for attacks. Due to the obvious risks involved in this kind of job, these drivers will earn from $125,000 to $250,000 annually.

Over the road truck drivers

American Central Transport (ACT)

It’s no secret that over the road truckers are some of the highly paid truckers. Majority of them take home approximately $71,500 annually before any bonuses. They are paid more than the regular drivers because of the type of travel, the hours they work and all the distinct road laws that must be adhered to in each state. These drivers are also held to some higher standards. They deliver different types of products all over the country and have very tight delivery schedules that they must maintain.

Specialty drivers

Lady truck driver

These kind of drivers fall into their own category. Special drivers ferry oversized loads, Hazmat materials and specialty products. It takes special trained drivers to be able to take on this kind of road trips. Therefore, this job pays more than the regular job. This high pay also comes with other demands such as remaining up to date with industry policy changes, new laws that are set and implemented and the laws of every roadway in each region they travel in.
So there you go. If you have been looking for the highest paying trucking jobs, you can try the above. Just remember that salary is not the only thing you should consider when you are searching for a truck driving job, be on the lookout for other benefits that the company offers.

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