J.B Hunt Reviews

J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc., is a large trucking company based in North America that offers safe and secure hauling services to customers based in different parts of the United States, Mexico and Canada. The company uses an intermodal approach in providing transportation solutions to their clients.

First started in Arkansas in 1961, it has grown immensely. The company provides personalized freight movement, labor and systems services that are meant for each specific customer in mind. The ability of the company to provide various services, making use of four different segments is a representation of how these services put the company on the competitive edge.

J.B Hunt Trucking Reviews from real truckers

I am an employee for JB hunt and I have worked for the company for more than 4 years now. The company has good bonuses especially if you land in a good branch and a great environment to work in. However, what I do not like about the company are the long hours, poor systems that are sometimes not effective, temperamental management and slackness in dealing with employee complains on the management. ( Ron)

I worked as a full time employee for JB hunt and I would never recommend it to anyone out there. Okay..Getting 20 bucks every hour was ok. They had well maintained trucks…can’t think of anything else better than that. The management is from hell! The truck which I was given broke down so many times and even after I explained the problem to them, they could not give me a better truck or better still get me a rental one. They stayed with my pay for about 3 weeks and I finally decided to quit. They still never got me my last check that was about $450. My advice to the management: you had better fire those people who run the FMS in Minneapolis. Pay my last check. Spending all the time on the phone reminding you about my pay is not that fun! This is one company I will never go back to work in even if it was the last one standing! (Lewis)

truckdriverThe company was great and fun to work for. Everyone possessed a good personality and they were all willing and ready to help especially when I just joined the company. The management was great too. You work with both production and upper management which is a great tool for anyone who wants to move forward. I worked for the intermodal division out of Haslet. They had very steady miles and I never spend more than one hour waiting for loads. They had well maintained vehicles which run so well. The intermodal boxes are often fine, but in most cases, they use recapped tires on them therefore they blow out a lot of times. The best thing is that I could always go back home to my family each weekend. It was the first company I worked for right out of school and they sure were excellent.( Laurel)

How much does JB hunt pay their truck drivers?

JB HuntJB Hunt provides pay rates for its employees which may differ by the job type, operating group and length of haul. Drivers get a monthly bonus of up to 2 cents per mile each month and they receive weekly payments. For beginners, you can expect to get a pay of about $0.35 to $0.44 per mile. The average annual salary for inexperienced drivers is $40,000. Top drivers of course will earn more and also get better perks and bonuses. They do not force dispatches on their drivers. They adjust fuel surcharges weekly according to the prices of fuel each week. For owner operators, repair materials and spare parts can be bought from the company for discounted prices.

Other Benefits

JB hunt provides a lot of benefits that meet the needs of its employees and family needs. Some of the benefits include:
• Ability to choose medical plans although employees with pre-existing conditions are not legible for this.
• Free medical consulting services that offer the best doctors who review diagnosis and give recommendations for treatment plans.
• 401(K) retirement plan with customized advice
• Paid time off
• Vision and dental coverage
• Wellness and health coaching
• Long term and short term disability insurance paid by the company
• Accidental and dismemberment coverage for both employees and their family members
• Basic life insurance
• Dependent care reimbursement

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