KLLM Trucking Reviews


KLLM Transportation Company has been in operation now for more than 50 years hauling dry van goods and perishable commodities all through North America. Their main offices are in Jackson, MS with other offices located across the US. KLLM offers regional, OTR and dedicated services with fleets that enable their drivers to get home every 8 to 10 days. They also provide a paid training program for truck drivers who have recently graduated from an approved CDL truck driving school.

What are the minimum requirements for getting hired at KLLM as a truck driver?

• If no experience, be a recent graduate of an approved truck driving school.
• Be at least 21 years old or more
• Have a maximum of two traffic offenses in the last 3 years
• All accidents are assessed on an incident basis
• One should not have any drunk driving convictions in the last 5 years
• Should undergo all the DOT physical requirements and pass
• One should be able to meet all the physical demands of the job

KLLM Transportation load and Training

Company Training Duration
Takes about 3 to 6 weeks driving with a professional trainer.
Are drivers forced to team after the training period?
Absolutely no! Upon completion of your training, one moves straight into a solo driver division.
Type of load
Although KLLM hauls some dry-van cargo, most of their freight is mainly temperature controlled perishable food items.

kllm truck How much do KLLM Drivers get paid?

Throughout the company training program, truck drivers are paid $400 each week. Upon completion of the training, drivers start receiving a starting pay of $0.32 per mile with a raise every year until they get to a maximum of $0.43 per mile. Truck drivers also get the following:
Drop Pay
• $40 for every remaining stop
• $0 for originating pick up and the delivery
Detention and Layover Pay
• $100 layover pay following the first 24 hours
• After 3 hours, truck drivers get $20 per hours in detention pay. Up to $200 for a day

What are the company’s policies?

Home time Policy

Over-The-Road drivers get 1 day of home time for every week they spend on the road with a maximum of two weeks out each time. For those on dedicated and regional accounts, home time varies but there are weekly home time opportunities in some areas.

Canada Border Crossing Policy
Truck drivers are not required to cross into or out of Canada when working for KLLM transport.

Tuition Reimbursement

Students who qualify can get up to $5,000 in tuition reimbursement.

Hazardous Materials

Truck drivers may accept or refuse to haul freight that contains placarded hazardous materials.

Rider Policy
KLLM has a rider program for children who are above 12 years of age. However, one has to pay some fee for their insurance. The company does not allow pets in their equipment.

Trucks speed
KLLM transport trucks have speeds that range between 61mph and 65mph.

Student Graduates

KLLM transport
KLLM works with student drivers to help them begin their careers and work for a company that’s a leader in the trucking industry.

A student must be a recent graduate of a certified trucking school with at least 160 hours of course length. Each student must attend orientation and then start driving with a company driver before they are upgraded and allocated their truck.
After you have moved up, you may opt to be an independent contractor, OTR or a regional driver especially if you live in KLLM regional hiring areas.

Independent contractors

Here is the pay you can expect as an independent contractor:
Miles Pay
1 – 100 $2.00/mile
101 – 200 $1.75/mile
201 – 300 $1.45/mile
301 – 400 $1.20/mile
401 – 500 $0.95/mile
≥ 501 $0.90/mile

Other benefits

• Enjoy working when you feel like. There are no forced dispatches.
• Paid cargo insurance
• Occupational-accident insurance at discounted rates
• Non-trucking liability at discounted rates
• Rider/passenger programs
• Access to medical, dental, accident, life, disability and critical illness insurance

KLLM Trucking Reviews

“They have good equipment and a maintenance shop. I didn’t like Team driving and their OTR. One also tends to spend a lot of time away from home which I didn’t like since I have a young family.”(Sasha)

“A typical day at KLLM begins early although this depends on the dispatcher you have and how they consistently provide you with loads to keep moving. I have also learned that networking is a great way to learn how to make improvements in how you work. I have to say that I am disappointed with the management as a whole. The best part of the job was “drop and hooks” while the worst part was losing time waiting to get some loads.”(Steve)

“As an owner operator with KLLM, I think I spend most of my time sitting and waiting for loads than actually driving. Their irregular miles led to erratic pay which may wife and I found really hard to survive on. I wish they would tell people the truth on their website about pay and consistency of work. The company doesn’t care much about their owner operator drivers and company drivers as well. Their staff is extremely unprofessionally and some are simply rude. I have also realized there is poor communication between their staff members which leads to unsatisfied drivers as their grievances are not addressed.”(Mike)

“This is a great company to work for and I enjoyed my stay as a dispatcher for KLLM. The company was just like an extended family and the managers and supervisors were really friendly people to work with. My main duty in the company was communicating with the drivers. I had to be there for them and make their job as easy as I possibly could. The management team provided all the necessary equipment to make our work smooth. I loved my co-workers and the fact that they were all willing to lend a helping hand when I was new in the company.”(Linda)

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