Knight Transportation Reviews

Company profile

Since it first started its operations, knight transport has been focusing on only safe, realistic growth and commitment towards meeting customers’ needs.
The company prides in effective management that is always geared on increasing safety and simplifying its operations while at the same time ensuring that their trucks and trailers are working to the best levels.


Knight transport has shown a great success story in the transportation industry, it has increased its revenues steadily since its inception. It only started with a few trucks and a single service center in Phoenix, Arizona but the company now runs a fleet of more than 4,000 tractors with over 8,800 trailers in their nationwide service center network.
The company has grown from just a handful of associates and from a family run business to a public company that trades shares in the New York stock exchange.

Knight-TransportationKnight Transportation Driver Pay Details

Knight transportation has an increasing pay scale for its drivers which are based on miles driver. Drivers have the chance to move up to level 2 after just 30 days or after they have covered 10,000 miles. A driver can move to level three pay scales after they have covered 20, 000 miles. This means that the starting rate for 0-200 miles is $0.36, level 2 is $0.37 and level 3 is $0.38 for the same number of miles.

However, knight has different regional and dedicated accounts which may have different pay scales. Still, the company has a container and a refrigerated division which may have their own pay rates.

Other bonuses for their drivers

A driver working for this company has quarterly opportunities to make an extra $0.03/mile. Drives get paid quarterly bonuses for the following:
• $.01 – MPG
• $.01 – Production
• $.01 raise/mile after 6 months
• $.01 – Safety


After you have been with the company for a year, you are given a one week vacation. If you have still hang in there for 3 years, you can take a 2 weeks’ vacation.
The company has the following insurance benefits for its drivers
• Group medical
• Life insurance
• Vision
• dental
These insurance rates may differ depending on the type of coverage. When we compare the starting salary for drivers at knight transport, we can say that it is above average compared to other trucking companies in the industry. However, there are very few chances for regional and dedicated freights which ensures drivers are home more often.

Knight transportation CDL training

Knight transportation has one of the most effective CDL training programs. The CDL training is mainly one-on-one in the real roads. We believe this is actually the best way for student truck drivers to learn how to drive a truck with confidence. Additionally, when you are out in the road training you will not be send off as a team truck. You will always have a trainer next to you as you drive for guidance. Further, all those who join their training school are deemed as employees and they will start making money in their first week before they even have a CDL. They have affordable tuition fees which can be financed by a payroll deduction loan which is interest free. The company hires new drivers for regional and dedicated positions with enough home time.

Real truck driver feedback – Knight Transportation reviews

This is a company that has excellent work/home life balance with good pay rates and benefits for its drivers. Working in this company has given me a well balanced life, just what I wanted. I always get back to my two lovely daughters. I get to see my kid’s everyday and I love my job! I look forward to get to work each day. Occasionally, I get called to work on weekends but when I have to be off work, my supervisor understands and does not force me to work. If you ever get a chance to work in knight, never let it go. Just remember that you have to work hard…But shouldn’t all jobs be like that? ( Stacy)

Excellent company especially if you get first line supervisors. However, the training I got was not what I expected from such a large company. They also promote their drivers according to who is more popular as compared to competency. There are so many young inexperienced supervisors who will yell and curse for the most flimsy reasons. No professionalism at all! I’m even surprised how this company is still making profits. Anyway, if you are a veteran just keep off this company. It’s full of spoilt brats who show no appreciation for their country. (Jack)

There are so many opportunities for growth in knight transportation. I joined the company 5 years ago, and I have grown from a student truck driver to a supervisor. I’m sure I’ll still grow in the company over the coming years. Their pay is awesome and they have great benefits. There is an hour long lunch break. If you are hard working, this is the company to be in. Great environment and co-workers.(Shirley )

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