Maverick Trucking Reviews

Company Profile

maverick-transportation-Maverick Transportation has its corporate campus in Little Rock, AR. Williams started Maverick with his co-worker and friend Larry Leahy in a small home office in Texarkana, Arkansas. However, in 1983, he bought his partners shares in the business and became the sole owner of the company. Today, more than 35 years later, Maverick trucking owns over 1,500 trucks in the refrigerated, flatbed and specialized hauling industries all over the USA and Canada. The company accepts experienced drivers but it also employs inexperienced drivers who have recently completed training in an accredited truck driving school.

What are the hiring requirements?

• Posses a valid class A CDL
• Pass all the drug screening tests
• Have some truck driving experience or be a recent graduate of an approved truck driving school
• Have a solid work history
• Have a minimal age of 21 years
• Pass their DOT physical or show your own that has been completed not more than 6 months ago
• Have a decent driving record
• Shouldn’t have any felony sentences in the past five years
• Shouldn’t have any record of reckless driving in the past five years
• Shouldn’t have DWI/DUI sentences in the past five years
• Shouldn’t have any drug convictions in the past five years
Experience in the truck driving industry is nice, but it’s not compulsory as Maverick offers a student driver program even in flatbed training.
During the training period, you will learn the correct securement techniques that a flatbed driver should posses. Their training program is open to truck drivers who do not have any flatbed experience or those who require additional flatbed training. They also have training opportunities specifically for their specialized and refrigerated freight divisions.

Maverick Transportation load and training

maverick truck driver
Company Training period
Orientation and training will take about 7 days in the company’s terminal. After that, you will be assigned a company trainer and will take up 3 to 4 weeks on the road. On completion, you will be upgraded to a solo driver.
Are drivers required to team after the training period?
No. We do not force any of our drivers to team after the training period. Even during the training, our trucks are operated as solo and not team trucks. This means that your instructor is always at the front with you.
Type of load

The flatbed division is the biggest division at Maverick trucking, but they also operate specialized cargo which is often glass transportation. They also have a temperature controlled division.

Truck Driver Pay and Benefits


When in training, truck drivers get paid $550 on a weekly basis as a set salary. However, this depends on the division you decide to drive for. You will begin earning as from $0.32 to $0.40/mile with an increase of $.03/mile after every three months and then another raise of $.05 after six months. You will then be earning an extra 1 cent per mile each year for the next 5 years if you choose to remain within the company. All truck drivers are entitled to incentives and performance bonuses.

Other Benefits

• Life insurance
• Vision insurance
• Paid holiday after a year of service
• PPO health insurance
• Cancer insurance
• 401K retirement and profit sharing plans
• Voluntary disability insurance

What are the transportation policies at Maverick?

Tuition Compensation
You will get reimbursed the full amount of your tuition loan as long as you are employed by Maverick. These payments are usually made each month starting 30 days after you have been hired. At the end of each month, you will get repaid your tuition money.
Hometime Policy

Almost all the drivers in the company get to be with their families every week or after every other week. This is mainly during the weekends. This may depend on where you stay and also the type of driving you do at Mavericks.
Rider Policy

driving jobs
There is an uncompromising “immediate family only” passenger authorization program. Members of the immediate family here include your spouse, parents, sister, brother and children who are over 13 years of age. You will not be charged anything. However, no pets are allowed on any company equipment.

Maverick Trucking Reviews From Truck Drivers

I have worked at Mavericks as a CDL flatbed driver. I loved the independence in the company and also criss-crossing the country was an experience I would never forget. However, there were so many miles on the road with no family which sometimes would be lonely. In addition, loading would take such a long time. The hours I lost doing nothing were the most!” (Neil)

“This is a good company to start out your truck driving career. They have great health insurance and their training school is excellent. That’s all! The pay is average and after you reach the highest pay, it’s like they start limiting your miles. The work is really hard more so if you transport glass or steel and get paid such average wages. Their reefer group is run unprofessionally and at some point, half of the staff quit their jobs. Maverick trucking has a high turnover of about 168%. If you don’t mind waiting for several hours or even days for a load, then this is for you.” (Vera)

“This is one lovely and fun place to work. I work as a pricing analyst and their management is nothing short of professional with a good work/life balance. One is able to work for 8 hours a day and go home without worrying that you will be called back to work. “(Noel)

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