PAM Transport Reviews

PAM trucking company was incorporated in 1986 and it has its head offices in Northwest Arkansas in the community of Tontitown, Arkansas. PAM Transport is classified as an irregular route common carrier. This means that the company transports general goods in dry van trailers. PAM transport is allowed to operate in 48 states.

What Truckers Say About PAM Transport (Review)…

(Matt) I have worked with PAM transport for about 7 months as a truck driver but I’m on medical leave now, just waiting on my call to go back to work. Pam transport has its up and downs, but it’s been great working with them. I cannot complain about how the trucks are maintained and you can be sure that your miles and length of hauls will be acknowledged. The pay isn’t great, but when you get the opportunity to work when you are just starting out and there somebody willing to pay you, then it’s not as bad. As much I may not be well paid, I cannot trade the joy of seeing the Rocky Mountains, LA metro area and also going to various states for a bigger paycheck. Your attitude will also determine how far you will go with PAM. Communicate regularly with your driver manager and always inform them when you are available for work so that the miles keep coming.

( Tom) The only thing I got from PAM is a CDL license and an experienced resume. The communication is terrible. The company has more than 14 departments but they have a poor communication channels. The management will always pretend they forgot to pay you.

(Amber) If you do not have a family or are homeless, then this may be a good company for you to work in. They have excellent health and dental coverage. But if you have a family, the just forget working here. You will rarely get home. They have a lot of deductions about 55% off your pay!

Driving opportunities at PAM transport

PAM transport offers excellent pay for new drivers who complete the Driver Solutions Company’s sponsored CDL training program and begin as entry-level truck drivers. Here are some of the highlighted details of the driver pay package.

Mileage Pay Options

Truck drivers at PAM transport are generally paid according to the miles driven. PAM trucking company provides both solo and team driving opportunities. Every position is OTR (over the road). The starting mileage pay rate highly depends on what scholarship program the driver has chosen.

This is because various scholarship programs for drivers provide different options for pay from training with different levels of paid CDL training. The amount of money that PAM transport pays towards the truck driving tuition will determine your starting mileage rate. There are automatic pay scale increases that are in place at each employee level. Depending on the type of scholarship program you settle for, you can easily make up to $40,000 during your first year.

After you have completed your online application, a recruiter will first analyze the options and assist in coming up with the best choice for you.

Extra Truck Driver Pay

Extra pay for PAM truck drivers is offered in a number of scenarios and the amount that is paid depends on several other factors that the company determines. These may include:
• Layover
• Loading/unloading freight
• Canadian border crossing
• Company safety bonus
• Extra drop off/pick up

Over the Road Training Pay

After finishing CDL training at a truck driving school, all the new PAM truck drivers are expected to report to PAM transport for the official company over the road training and orientation. The new truck drivers are paid on the job training as they continue to enhance their skills of becoming truck drivers. Student drivers are usually paid salaries of $300 every week until the training is successfully completed and then the student driver is promoted to a first seat driver.

Get a $1,200 sign on bonus

PAM transport offers a sign on bonus for every new driver that completes the company sponsored CDL training program for a limited time. To be able to qualify for the$1,200 sign on bonus, you must join the truck driving school during the right training period. It’s important to consult with your driver agent after you have applied for in-depth details.

Employee Benefits

pam transport
PAM transport highly values its drivers. It offers its employees some of the best benefits in the trucking industry. Here are some of the benefits for its drivers:
Health insurance
• Medical insurance
• Basic life
• Prescription drug card
• Dental insurance
Additional insurance
• Disability coverage
• Vision discount program
Retirement plans
• 401(k)retirement plan
• Based on the years one has worked, you can get some paid vacation
Optional Per Diem
• This program lets a driver get more money in his/her pocket

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