Prime trucking review: Is Prime trucking right for you?

The following is a Prime trucking review from a fellow reader. Leave a comment if you’d like to learn more about his experience!

Trucking has always been my greatest passion ever since I was a little boy. My dad was a truck driver and I grew up admiring what he was doing. When I grew up, I wanted to follow my passion and so I went to a truck driving school and fortunately, I got a job. However, very few trucking companies met my trucking expectations and so I never gave up searching for a better trucking option. Until I found myself in Prime Trucking company which is one of the most successful trucking companies in the world. I had always longed to work in this company and finally my dream came true.

I wouldn’t be anywhere else, and I have been to many companies but this was the best of them all. Well, I understand that you may have heard a lot of complaints from people who knows of someone whose cousin’s friend had a neighbor who had an awful experience with prime. Well, to many, it is always a company’s fault whenever a driver has a bad experience, primeincbut people rarely stand to think of that driver’s mistakes. If we take a good example of other big companies like Werner, they are shutting down rendering many drivers jobless, while prime is still growing. That needs to tell you something for surely, this is the place to be. Ever since I started working at prime, I am yet to find someone who is unfriendly or unwilling to listen and help a driver, who is after all the one making lots of money for the company.

How I make money in this company
Prime has in the past strives to come up with numerous programs for company drivers and independent contractors to improve its profitability. These programs are designed to maximize a driver’s earning potential. This is because they believe that working harder and smarter brings about a long and a prosperous career. Also, they are committed to truck driver’s long term success. For this reason, they offer a 401-K success sharing plan to a driver after 1 year of service and they match 40¢ for every saved dollar up to 5% of pay. As drivers, we are also allowed to participate in prime’s retention and reward program, which is a saving program where the company contributes 1000 dollars annually. This means that apart from a good pay that truck drivers receive, we also get additional money making us more financially independent. After working with prime for just a few months, I was able to set up a small business and it is currently doing so well.

Prime offers an incentive pay for in-time service and safety making them unique. Also, they offer experienced truck drivers an opportunity to become CDL instructors for the prime sponsored CDL training. The prime fuel guard program is designed to help drivers put fuel consumption under control as prices increase. Via this program, drivers receive 100% of the entire fuel surcharges paid my customers. I was promoted to a CDL instructor myself and the pay was just awesome.

Primetime certified award program is also put in place to recognize the spectacular on-time performance. This program rewards drivers who operate without a single preventable accident and there is also a millionaire program that recognizes those drivers who have driven at least 1 million miles without any preventable accident. In short, there are many programs that exist for the best trucking experience.


Why should you choose Prime trucking?

Trucking equipment

One thing I loved about prime is their trucks. They have some of the best trucks in the world to make sure that drivers have a safe and enjoyable trucking experience.



Prime trucking is very flexible. Centrally to other trucking companies where drivers are rarely home with their families, Prime strives to ensure you are home more time to spend time with your family by offering flexible work schedule. At the same time ensuring you get more money and more happiness.


Advanced trucking experience

Prime strives to ensure that the drivers are well trained by offering free CDL training to maximize personnel’s driving experience.


Maybe you have the experience on what it takes to get freights delivered safe and on time, or you are interested on learning more about it. Well, it is about time you take that experience or zeal to Prime trucking, a company that gives you an opportunity to live your dreams. What are you waiting for!

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