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Company Profile

roehlRoehl transport was founded in 1962 and it’s based in Marshfield, WI. The company has over 1900 tractors and 4600 trailers in operation. This is a diverse trucking company that specializes in flatbed, dry-van, curtainside, reefer and step-deck transportation. Roehl also has a mixture of freight that includes dedicated, local, OTR, TL, LTL and regional operations.

The company has been in operation for more than 50 years now and it has received numerous awards such as the President’s Trophy Award and Top Truckload Carrier awards from various organizations.
Roehl transport has a state of the art CDL training school with excellent truck driver training facilities to prepare drivers for success in their trucking career.

Roehl Transport paid CDL Training Program

Roehl Company seems to have a high quality CDL training program. They go beyond the minimum state requirements. The company doesn’t cover for transportation costs in their training program. This is often a hindrance to those seeking to join the trucking industry and lack finances to pay the upfront costs.

Their training program is more thorough when compared to other trucking companies offering the same. They go an extra mile to ensure that their drivers are confident, knowledgeable and successful in their career.

How much do truckers earn while training?

roehl truckAfter you have completed your CDL program with Roehl, there are lots of opportunities for both local and dedicated freight. The company also offers a more relaxed home time policy and several ways in which you can transition into different areas of the trucking industry such as dry van, reefer, step deck, curtainside and flatbed.

Roehl has the highest starting payment for student drivers in the industry and one is guaranteed of increases after 3 to 6 months. After that period, a driver gets an increase every quarter up to Roehl’s top rate in “Your choice pay plan”

Roehl Pay After Training

For beginners, one will get a $600 hire bonus after they have completed the Roehl CDL training program. The amounts in mileage pay highly depend on your home time plan, particular division and regional area of operation.
Their truck drivers also get paid practical mileage pay, which is about 5% extra paid miles when compared to other companies.

Truck Drivers receive the following extra pay:
If you are a flat bed driver, you get extra pay for tarping, layover, referring other truck drivers to Roehl, crossing into Canada and detention pay.

What are the minimum Roehl transport driver requirements?

Roehl-CDL-School• One must have a minimum age of 21 years.
• Pass all the DOT requirements ( i.e DOT physical, DOT hair follicle drug test, DOT drug screen).
• Surpass all onsite pre-work tests on the day of qualification to establish whether you can adequately carry out all your job functions.
• Be able to speak and write in English and carry out simple arithmetic’s.
• A high school diploma or an equivalent is preferred but not really necessary.
• Have a clean driving record and a valid driving license.
• All students should pass the background checks.
• Roehl transport company carries out criminal background checks and have the right to disqualify applicants who have multiple job related criminal offenses.

Average salary for Roehl transport drivers

An annual salary of $43K is the median rate a truck driver at Roehl expects to receive. However, how long you have worked in the company and what you do influences your salary.

Certifications and Degrees

Having an associate degree at Roehl transport actually rewards. Those employees who take home the biggest paychecks every year end have higher education qualifications.

Job Type

Fleet managers are the most paid taking home about $42K on average each year. Trailer and tractor drivers are second with median earnings of $40K annually.

Benefits and Perks

Most employees at Roehl contribute to a 401K plan. The company also offers health insurance and dental cover to their truck drivers.

roehl driver


For employees who have 5-9 years of experience, the average earnings are about $42K per year. The other employees have 1-4 years experience and take home about $41K annually.


Employees who are able to operate machines and perform other technical activities have a median income of $48K annually. Transport is a crucial skill in Roehl and other major skills include people management, logistics and operation management.

Roehl Transport Reviews From Truckers

The miles, managers, terminals and home time were all great. They even work with drivers who ask for extra training in areas such as backing. The only problem is that they will give some unclear instructions through the truck PC and expect you to follow them.”(Jacky)

“This was a great place to work and get experience. The company had a great starting pay but two years into the job and everything started falling apart.”(Sophie)

“I have worked with Roehl for over 10 years and this is one company that stays true to its values. I joined Roehl transport 11 years ago as a fleet manager. I have learned the difference between values and priorities in Roehl. This is one thing that has really changed how I how I approach my personal life and work. I can confidently say Roehl has made me a better father, brother, husband and son because of the professionalism I have experienced in the company.
Transportation is a challenging field, for both the driver and even those in the supporting staff. Roehl should come up with ways to deal with the challenges their drivers face.”(Kim)

“This is just like any other over the road job. The company has well maintained equipment but their company drivers receive minimal pay. Roehl is a stable company and I do not regret ever working there. I learned a lot and their training program was top notch. Their dispatchers were helpful and the other drivers were also friendly.”( Leon)

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