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Company profile

Schneider nationalSchneider National is a top provider of logistics, intermodal and truckload services. It offers a wide range of services in the transportation industry such as supply chain management, van truckload, port logistics, bulk, dedicated, brokerage and regional services. The company was established in 1935 and it has its headquarters in Green Bay, WI. Schneider National now has over 12,300 trucks and over 33,300 trailers that employ over 18,200 people from all around the globe. Schneider national offers services throughout china and North America.

What are the requirements for becoming a truck driver with Schneider National?

• Be at least 21 years old.
• Be able to get a valid passport and travel into Canada when necessary.
• Be able and willing to get a HazMat endorsement within 90 days after getting hired.
• One should not have no more than 2 moving violations in the past 5 years.
• Be a holder of a Class A driver’s license with a 1 year OTR driving or a graduate of any Schneider approved trucking school.

Schneider National load and training

schneider national
Length of training
After a week of paid orientation, you will be on the road with a certified instructor for about 1 to 3 weeks. After that, you will go back to Schneider terminal to do a basic driving exam and a multiple choice test before you are allocated a truck to drive solo.
Are you forced to team after you finish training?
Although there is a team driver division that’s available for people who would like to drive as a team, each driver is qualified to directly move into a solo position right after training.
Type of load
Most of the load is dry van, but there are also some oil field and tanker operations.

How much do drivers at Schneider National earn?

When in training, you will earn a flat rate of $460 every week. After you complete your training, you will have the chance to be part of the various divisions which implement starting pay. Truck drivers at Schneider are often paid based on their performance and drivers who deliver great results are rewarded. The exact pay rates will differ according to the geography and also the type of work one is doing.
All their drivers earn bonuses by meeting and even surpassing several key performance metrics. You will get updates on how you are performing through weekly metrics and you can always access your score card anytime you wish to. Some of the metrics include:
• Safety
• Fuel management
• Service
For some regional and dedicated accounts, the lowest starting pay is 28cpm, but sometimes it can be as high as 30cpm.
Truck driving school graduates and new Class A CDL holders are usually able to get up to three automatic pay increases in their first year. However, this will depend on the type of driving job. The quarterly/monthly and anniversary reviews offer extra pay increase opportunities for truck drivers.
The amount of money you make will highly depend on where you live. If you live next to an area with a lot of freight, there will be so many opportunities right next to you. If you are certain you want OTR, here’s what you can expect in your first year in the company:
• Beginner pay- 28cpm
• Six Months- 31cpm
• One Year-34cpm

Advantage Club

schneider national
If you remain in the company for over 5 years, you will be admitted into the advantage club. Members who are in this club get recognized for their loyalty and hard work. Club members often attend different sporting activities such as NASCAR, NFL games and so many other unique events all fully paid for by Schneider National.

Health Care

With Schneider national, healthcare is taken care of. They provide consumer driven medical plans for all their truck drivers as well as vision and dental insurance. One can as well set up a dependent care and health care spending account. You can choose the best policy that’s suits you and your family members.

Vacation pay

After working for the company for more than 1 year, you will enjoy a paid vacation based on the following:
• 1 year of service = 1 week fully paid holiday
• 2 years of service = 2 weeks fully paid holiday
• 7 years of service = 3 weeks fully paid holiday
• 15 years of service = 4 weeks fully paid holiday

Real trucker reviews

“If you are new in the trucking industry, then beware of Schneider; they are likely going to take advantage of you. We had agreed that I will be working on a dedicated account offering services to retail stores. The pay per mile was really low, but accessory pay often compensated. I was switched several times and I rarely delivered to retail stores. This meant that there was no accessory pay and no raise in mileage pay for any loss. They wanted to send me on more deliveries so that I can compensate for the accessory pay.”(Thelma)
“I have just completed my 11 day course with Schneider and I must say I’m really impressed. It’s a big difference when I compare it to Stevens! Highly professional and involved staff. It feels as though I’m a customer and yet I’m just an employee. So far, there’s nothing negative I can say about my experience with this company. Probably I will write more about Schneider National when I’m through with my week of orientation.”(Cyrus)
“Schneider national offers exceptional benefits with so many opportunities to move to different positions. It’s a great company to work for with decent starting salary.”(Miley)

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