Stevens Transport Reviews

Stevens’ Transport Inc. is a renowned transportation company based in North America. The company mainly offers temperature controlled services. Since it deals with time sensitive services, it gives it a competitive edge in the market.

This is a family owned and operated company that highly values its drivers since they are the most important people in their success. The truck drivers in Stevens Company are highly valued and they consider drivers to be their most valued asset. Steven’s transportation aims at hiring and retaining the top quality staff, giving them the best equipment and training them to the highest standards so that they are able to perform to their best. Due to the reputation the company has built over time, their drivers are able to have job security and a long life career.

What kind of equipment is available at the company?

The company has very modern trucks that come equipped with 75 inch condo sleepers and they are also including freightliner and Peterbilt in their fleet. Most of their tractors are no more than 16 years old. Furthermore, the trucks come fully fitted with satellite dispatching systems, in-cab email and turn by turn navigation. The company makes use of electronic logs in all their trucks.

Driver pay

Stevens transport highly acknowledges its drivers as they believe they play a vital role in the company. In the first year working in the company, a truck driver will receive about $0.29 per mile. However, the more you stay in the company, the more your pay rates increase. You will be receiving a pay increase annually of up to $0.405 per mile.

Here are some other benefits that their truck drivers get to enjoy.
Health Care

Medical Plan
• They provide different coverage options at great group rates with major medical benefits for drugs(prescription)

Vision Plan
• They provide both in and out of network benefits
• If you are in the medical plan, you are automatically enrolled in the vision plan with no extra charges

Dental Plan
• Provides total coverage
• If you are already enrolled in the medical plan you are automatically enrolled in the dental plan with no extra charges.

$50,000 Life Insurance
• This is a term policy offered to employees who are in the medical program at no extra costs

Disability Insurance
• This is an optional insurance package for its drivers

Retirement Savings
401K Savings Plan
• If you remain employed in Stevens for more than a year, you are eligible for contributing for your retirement.

Time Off

Vacation and Holiday
• After working for Stevens for a year continuously, you are eligible for paid vacations and holidays.

Other Benefits
• Emergency Driver Assistance Fund
• Personal Driver Manager
• On-site Driver’s Lounge
• Rider Program
• Drive the Best Equipment on the Highway
• Power Unit Features

Company policies

stevens company
Stevens Transportation Company does not allow any pets in their company equipment. Steven’s does also provide dedicated, local and controlled trailers but the chances are quite limited. There are some regions that have a lot of opportunities than others, and it’s like drivers for this chances are handpicked. To qualify, you should be senior with a clean driving record. So if you plan to join Steven transportation, then most of their services are OTR.

Stevens Transport Reviews from real truck drivers

I first joined Stevens Transportation Company as a student. But during my training period, the company asked me to pay for various things promising that they would reimburse which they partially did. When I told them that I would report the matter to the department of labor, Stevens started harassing me and told me to go look for a job elsewhere. They are just one nasty company that’s been proven by the number of cases they have at the department of labor for not paying what they are owed. If you love yourself, do not take any job given by this people. (Sue)
I have been working at Stevens now full time and it’s been about 4 years since I first set foot here. There is great work environment and my co workers are mature. There is a systematic growth opportunity and one is able to change departments if they so wish. However, their working hours are extremely long. You cannot get home until the job is done. You should always expect this when you join them…its part of business though. Sometimes I spend an entire week on the road and it does get lonely when you wish there is someone you could just talk to. I would advise the management to increase their bonus structure. This way, drivers will work harder. ( Tim)
They got the best equipment, but that’s it. Their pay is horrible. Their yard mechanics do shoddy work and the company treats its employees like kindergarten children. Their learning program is worse than a scam and they make drivers work for no money and end up owing them so much. The management needs a complete overhaul. Just toss all those jokers you have there out. (Flo)
One can make more that 65Kif you become a trainer in Stevens Company. However, to get there, is not easy. You will have to work for the company for several months before you can move to the next step. The company is known to have a great safety record and their equipment is in perfect shape. On the other hand, the company has a very strict management and a lot of drivers leave the company within their first year. The safety department is really arrogant and employees are always worrying about their job security.
( Tonny)

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