The Best Trucking Companies for New Drivers

new driverThe biggest problem facing new drivers in the trucking industry is getting hired to be able to begin working on their career. It is even a bigger problem since today, due to economic situation; many trucking companies do not accept recent CDL graduates or even students making it hard for them to get started. This is because both national and international companies are distinctively driver unfriendly, but there are still some that are fair, honest, and works along with the driver to retain him longer in the organization.

As a student or a recent CDL graduate, you cannot expect to get your license and immediately land on one really good trucking job. Also, you do not expect to go right out of school and get hired locally immediately. While there are rare occasions where some new drivers get jobs immediately, to majority this rarely happen. This is why you need to look for trucking companies that can accept you. Below are some of the best trucking companies for new drivers:

1. US Xpress

us-xpressThis company is now hiring likened new drivers as well as CDL students. Whether you are thinking of a trucking school or you are already enrolled on a CDL license, US Xpress is a perfect place to start building on your experience. This company is nation’s 2nd largest private trucking company where newly licensed drivers earn more. Their tuition reimbursement program is good since they offer $7,000 to assist you in paying for your CDL classes if you are still in school.

If you are looking for a company that can make a new transition in your new career as a truck driver, this company has on-the-job training programs that are comprehensive to give new drivers skills required to get their careers going on the right foot. This company possesses some of the newest trucks on the road and so you can be sure to drive the best equipment. You will be able to have access to technology such as GPS and side tracker, blind spot cameras, and other features that will help you stay safe on the road as you hone your driving skills.

Once students or new drivers work with this company, they will earn a pay that is amongst the best in the industry with excellent benefits and bonuses. No matter what you are looking for, this company has everything for a new driver.

2. Swift trucking company

SwiftBeing industry’s best class carrier, driving for swift offers you a great potential for your career advancement. With average truck age of 24 months, this trucking company is the best for you. Gaining experience from this company offers tremendous opportunities for professional growth and financial rewards. The best thing about this company is that they do not ask for a job experience. They help you jump-start your career in truck driving by training and developing you, by providing continuous learning opportunities to enhance your skills set. This helps them provide career growth throughout the organization.

Swift offers variety of careers as well as positions combined with competitive salaries, supportive atmosphere and great benefits. Its size, stability, and strength make it a great place to work in.

3. Cr England

This Company offers trucking jobs to both experienced and inexperienced truck drivers. If you want to start your career, you can start by attending their partner driving schools. Admission to their truck driving school does not require money down, cosigner, or credit requirements. These schools include CDL training classes as well as behind the wheel training. Once a student completes his/her training with them, they immediately get a job with the company and start earning handsomely. When hiring new drivers, they know that you have not worked with another company and so they strive to make you a more experienced driver by raining you more where necessary.

4. Werner Enterprises

This trucking company has been named 2014 top green provider by a magazine known as food logistics. It was recognizes as a company that consistently exceeds industry standards in its sector with services that drive sustainability.

Werner operates 25,000 trucks throughout US, Canada, and Mexico. This means that you will have driving flexibility that suits your lifestyle with an added benefit of living in any area of the country that you prefer. When driving with Werner enterprises, being a new driver you will receive personal attention since your truck instructor pays attention to you, making sure you master all the necessary skills.

5. Roehl transport

Roehl transportThis trucking company is located in Marsh-field, WI, and it focuses on developing skills as well as preparing you to become an experienced truck driver. If you decide to join their truck driving school, they spend most of their training you on CDL. In addition, they reimburse up to $6,000 tuition fee when you are driving foe them.

As a new driver, you will benefit more since they do not take you as a new driver when it comes to pay. You will get additional trip-start and drop compensation, authorized tolls, and NYC compensation.

This company has already won numerous awards all through the years including: annual graphic awards for fleet owner’s magazines in 2011, conquest on quality in 2008, and Wisconsin motor carriers association’s highest honor in 2008. The Company is well known for fast delivery and its carrier’s safety. You can even get an opportunity to drive along a more experienced driver so that you can learn more as you earn.

6. Millis transfer Inc.

This is a dry-van truckload carrier that serves a wide range of clients across UK. Their trucks have the amenities that every driver want and the efficient needed by all customers. It is a family owned company that combines experience of the experts and innovation of the young generation. This company understands that it is hard for a new driver to secure a job in this industry and that is why they are here to give you an opportunity to gain that needed experience.

This company has a truck driving school to ensure that they offer advanced training to new and expert drivers. It offers affordable, high quality, and comprehensive training to get you started in this career.

There are numerous trucking companies that you can work for, both big and small. However, not all of them accept new drivers and so you may waste your time applying for a position in that company. Others may hire you but pay you less regardless of the effort you put in. however; there are those companies that leaves a lot to be desired. With a little research and knowing what you want can help you make the right decision and work in a company that offers you a good future and the opportunities that you need!

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