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Company Profile

tmc transportationTMC trucking company was founded in 1972 with just two office staffs and six power units. It has since grown to a fully operational flatbed transportation company that is operated nationwide. As one of the largest companies in the transportation industry, the company is highly regarded for its integrity, modern equipment, highly trained drivers and its dedication to satisfy its customers. It is also an equal opportunity employer and as such, it hires inexperienced truck drivers who have recently graduated from an accredited driving school.

What are its minimum hiring qualifications?

• Be in possession of a valid class A commercial drivers license
• A minimum of 23 years of age
• Pass the drug screen
• Qualify for the DOT physical
• Have a clean driving record for the last 5 years
• Have a good working relationship

How much do drivers make at TMC?

There are two methods of driving payment options. A driver is at will to choose the method they prefer.
Fist option
With this option, you are paid a percentage of what the company gets paid by the customer (shipper) to carry their load. The percentage rates begin at 26% for student drivers while for experienced drivers it begins at 27%. You will get paid this rate for the entire first year you start working at TMC. However, there will be increases after that but they will highly depend on your performance. This percentage rates can go up to 32% for drivers who have worked in TMC for more than 1 yr, there’s a guarantee of pay rate increases. This is the most common payment option for most drivers in TMC and more than 80% of all their drivers choose it.

Second option
For those drivers who would like to be paid according to the number of miles they will drive, the following is offered. Student drivers, start with $.35 and then the rate increases with $.01 after every 6 months. Experienced drivers start with $.37 and then the rate increases with $.01 after every 6 months. All the truck drivers who receive mileage pay also qualify to get an extra 1.5 cents per each mile in both performance and other bonuses. This mileage rates are paid on each dispatched mile whether it’s loaded or empty.

What are the company policies?

Canada Border Crossing Policy
This company transports loads in and out of the country so you will need to have a US passport. You will also need a certified copy for your birth certificate.

Tuition Reimbursement
TMC will reimburse all your tuition fees. Payments are usually made on a monthly basis starting 30 days after you have been hired as long as you are an active TMC employee. If you have also driven for another company for less than a year, TMC provides tuition reimbursement.

Hazardous Materials
TMC does transport some minimal hazardous materials, due to this; you are expected to be certified for it. Different states have different requirements so it’s important that you get in touch with your states department of transportation for specifications.
Hometime Policy
Many of the drivers get to be with their families each weekend but this depends on where one lives.

Rider and Pet Policy
Only one rider at a time is allowed. They must be 10 years and above. Pets are not allowed at all.

tmc transportation company
TMC Trucking Reviews from real truck drivers

“I enjoyed working in TMC. The equipment and work environment is great. I made a lot of money while I worked in the company. One is able to work alone without constant supervision. Everything was done in a timely manner and drivers are respected.” (Marcus)

“When I joined the company on my first day of work, it seemed as though I had intruded. There was no one in the office who knew if I was going to start working on that day. The person who was training me knew nothing. It was just one horrible experience for me. They are poorly organized.” (Steve)

“This is a well known company with good safety record. As a driver, the management really tried to make sure I am home every weekend since I worked as a regional driver. During my 2 years of work, I only stayed away from home on two weekends only. The pay was great though I spent much of it on food. They had decent benefits. TMC takes great care of their equipment ensuring they are sparkling clean and trucks are well serviced.” (Clara)

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