Top 10 Company Sponsored CDL Training For You

Looking for free CDL training? Well, you are not alone. One major obstacle for those wishing to pursue a career on truck driving is financing for CDL truck driving training. An average cost of this program is approximately $3500 depending on the school since the cost may run to as high as $7000 or more. However, if you are unable to pay for your trucking training, you are in the right place. There is company sponsored CDL training that you can make good use of and be a professional truck driver.

What is meant by company sponsored CDL training is that a company volunteers to pay for your training to get your CDL license. What they need in return is for you to enter into a contract with them that you will work with them for a given period of time after getting your license which is usually around one year. If you happen to leave the company before the end of the contract, you are more likely to be penalized, which in most cases means refunding them all what they spent on your training. Therefore, you should make sure you stay with the company until your contracted period is over.

Companies offering free CDL training:

1. FFE Transportation

FFE TransportThis company has been there for over 50 years and it is the best trucking companies in the industry. This company offers outstanding CDL training to make them more experienced. At FFE the CDL program is absolutely free as long as you get employed with them. Unlike in some companies where a certain amount is deducted from each paycheck, training at FFE is totally free. There are no initial payments and there is nothing being deducted from your paycheck to pay for the training. The duration of training in this company is so pleasing and though they have a large amount of goods which drivers need to unload, you will get a compensation for this duty. They are willing to offer regional and dedicated positions only after 3 to 6 months of experience and this also gives them some extra bonus points.

2. Prime transportation

Prime transportationThis is amongst the successful trucking companies in the country with numerous opportunities which include flatbeds, refrigerated, and tankers. Unlike other CDL training programs, as a new driver you will be sent into the real-world with CDL instructor on one-on-one training while at the same time transporting freights to various destinations.

Being trained on the job is an effective ways of utilizing new drivers and made them feel useful on the job. As long as you stay with this company until the end of your contract, you don’t have to pay any fee on training and nothing will be deducted from your payroll. Their CDL training is absolutely for free.

One thing many love about this company’s CDL training is that their fee structure both during and after training are amongst the best in this industry for new drivers. Prime has opportunities for all and so if you are looking for dedicated local or regional positions, you are likely to get them here. It is an awesome company to start your great trucking career with a pay that is above average.

3. Pam transport

pam transportationPam transport has been there since 1980 and it specializes in hauling freights for automotive industries. It also hauls air conditioners, papers, and cosmetics. In this company, new driver’s skills are utilized in driver solutions network of CDL schools. This is a well-established education network that ensures all new drivers are utilized effectively. However, you should note that their hiring area is limited to eastern half of Texas as well as east of Mississippi.

One a new driver completes his training with this company, they are immediately hired. While this company operates throughout majority of the country, they offer new drivers more time to be with their families as compared to other companies. This makes PAM a perfect choice for you. Their CDL training is absolutely for free as long as you stay with them until the end of your contract.

Trucker review

There is nothing bad about this company. It has nice and friendly staff who are willing to help new drivers fit in comfortably. Their equipment is also well maintained. This is a great job with excellent benefits. Shirley

4. Knight transportation

knight transportationThis company was founded in the year 1988 and it now operates thousands of trucks. Their CDL training generally involves one-on-one training in the real world of driving. You are sent out on duty with a more experienced driver who teaches you everything about trucking. Driving with an instructor right next to you is great in giving you confidence as you get used to driving.

Another good thing about knight transportation free CDL training is that all the new drivers in this program are already considered employees and begin making money as early as their first week in this company. Once you get hired with this company, you can start enjoying their outstanding salaries, bonuses, and benefits. If you wish to advance in your career, their pay structure is very reasonable and you can even train and be deducted on your patrol as you continue to work with them.

Trucker review

The company has a good CDL training when you get the right trainers. It also offers you a job right after completing your training. But it’s really hard to get some home time and there is poor communication in management. Charlie

5. SWIFT transportation

This company will help you to get your career in trucking rolling; a Swift Driving Academy is the place to start your training. They offer tuition for the comprehensive 23-day course which costs $3,900. Advantage of training at this company is that they will refund you every cent you spend on training over the period of 26 consecutive months of employment with them.

Swift’s CDL program organizes effectively with efficient time on classes as well as practicing one-on –one with a trainer on the road. This helps in boosting your driving skills when on the road. After getting your CDL license, you will immediately get hired and start enjoying their good pay.

Even though their initial pay for new drivers is somehow low compared to other companies, this raises very fast and within no time you will end up earning more than you can ever imagine. Their salary is always above average. Swift is a large carrier so you will get the added advantages of much more loading and unloading fee which means that you will end up earning more than new drivers in other companies.

Trucker review

This is a company I would recommend to anyone who wants to drive OTR. They have an excellent training program and after you complete, you automatically get hired. Great benefits and modern equipment. Hillary

6. USA Truck

USA truck offers company sponsored CDL training for qualified students who are interested in the program. When you join USA truck driving school, you will be given your class A CDL license no matter your credit.
USA truck partners with different truck driving schools all over the country via Driver Solutions network and they will locate a school based on where you live. This is a medium haul carrier meaning that it’s mostly regionalized.
After you attend their company sponsored CDL program, you will be required to stick with the company for one year. During your stay, you will be paid $45 each week which is through payroll so that you can pay for your training which is a total of $2,340.

After one year, there is a reimbursement of $1,245 so your entire training cost will be $1,095. You will start paying $45 weekly when you are running solo. If you stop working for the company before a year is over, you will be expected to pay for the part of schooling that is remaining. The entire cost of the training is $6,000 so what remains after the amount you have paid is deducted is what you will pay.

The only upfront expense you will be expected to pay is $50-$100 fee for getting a CDL permit. At times the cost may vary depending on the state you are in. The company also hires you after you have graduated and it has the best pay packages for new truck drivers.

Trucker reviews
The company claims to offer $100 orientation pay and an extra $50 until you get assigned a seat on the trainer’s truck. This is all false! It’s usually advancement from your weekly pay. The trainers are available to the student’s ratio which is a good thing though. Jay

7. CRST’s Training Program

Although CRST may appear like an excellent place to start your trucking career, you should know that you will be driving a team truck. But for new drivers, we highly recommend solo drive so that one can enhance their skills on the road. However, if that’s what you are interested in, then CRST is a great place to get started.

CRST offers company sponsored CDL program and does not run any credit checks. CRST will take care of all your training fees and in exchange, you will be expected to sign a contract with them to work for at least 8 months upon completion of your training. If you complete your training through CRST, you will start at a much lower pay scale for the initial 6 months.
When you start receiving your pay check, the company will start deductions for the training. However deduction will not exceed $40 per week. If you choose to pay upfront for your training, you will pay $2,500.

CRST is a great place to start especially if you want to drive as a team with your spouse, friend or family member. In addition, team operations often tend to get the best deals such as more miles and better trucks among others. It has its unique benefits.

Trucker review
You will be able to get your CDL in a very short time. You literally live on sight for about 2 weeks. The course is accelerated so you have to be keen. However, if you are focused, you can manage this. The student pay is also not as promised. You get .12 per mile instead of .25 per mile. Jason

8.Roehl Transport

Roehl transport
Roehl Transport pays you and trains you at the same time so that you can get your CDL and become a professional truck driver. After the training you will need to work for them for at least a year. You will pay nothing for the training, but if you do not work for the company for the agreed period of time, you will have to pay the total cost of training.

While training, you will be paid $500 every week. The entire training period for your CDL is only 4 weeks. After the training, you be get your CDL and you will start earning while on the job training with a qualified driver coach. This takes about 2 to 3 weeks. During that time, you will be making $90 every day.

After on the job training, you will start driving your own truck. As you gain more experience, your earnings will increase. Roehl transport is one of the best paying companies and their drivers make about $50,000 with just nine months on the job.

Trucker review
Roehl is an excellent company to work for if you are new truck driver. Their company sponsored CDL training is one of the best in the industry. Furthermore, you will be able to see all through America as you work. Greg

9. Stevens trucking

stevens company
Stevens Transport provides a comprehensive CDL company sponsored program with practically no training at all. After you complete your training, you will get your CDL. The company will also reimburse you for the total cost of your CDL training and will put you on their payroll while you are on the job training. You will also get to train on the same equipment you will be driving which will give you more confidence when you get on the road solo. Training is offered at different Stevens driving academies all other the United States. This company sponsored programs lets you take advantage of a promising career with very little investment, no credit checks and no upfront money required.

Trucker review
Stevens is a great company to get started as a new truck driver. The trucks are well maintained and other employees are friendly. Cate

10. C. R. England trucking company

This is one of the biggest refrigerated trucking companies with over 90 years in operation. The company offers company sponsored CDL training all through the US and it takes about 3 weeks from your arrival to the time you get your CDL.
You will be expected to pay a non-refundable fee of $50 which they say is administrative fee. The total cost of your CDL training is $2,995 with different options for financing. If you need any financing, you will be expected to sign a contract with Eagle Atlantic Financial Services. This means that your tuition fees will be catered for at an 18% interest rate. If you remain with the company for more than three years, you will be reimbursed $1,000.

Trucker review
The best thing about this company is that it offers the best CDL training but has very low training pay. However, you have to get used to being away from your family for hours. Ron

You do not have to waste your time going to truck driving schools only to end up jobless after you receive your CDL license. Just make good use of the above Company sponsored CDL training and start making money as soon as you get your CDL license.

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