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TQLA career which involves the shipping of different products all across the country may not be appealing to many of you looking for a job, especially those who have just graduated from college. However, Total Quality Logistics (TQL) has always managed to attract and hire youngsters by the way it conducts business and the opportunities it provides for employees. This freight broker, located in Cincinnati, acts as a mediator between businesses that require their products shipped and trucking companies. The company is known to make revenues way more than one billion, by serving popular organizations like Kroger and the rest.

When you look into the company’s workforce, a large part of it is college graduates, in addition to military veterans and past college athletes. This is because TQL’s top executives have a strong belief that these individuals cohere with the organization’s extremely emulous environment. Also, these groups of people are disciplined, have a systematic plan, and focus on coming to work early and completing the job on time, according to the company’s founder Ken Oaks.

What attracts candidates to Total Quality Logistics is the simple yet most critical aspect that the hardest workers are rewarded best by the company. If you join the company in an entry-level position, you will first be required to take up training, usually for four to six months, with a salary. Once you learn the important aspects of your job, you will then be moved to a position where you get your salary as well as an uncapped bonus or commission. Your role will be more like an agent, with clients of your own, and enjoy huge bonuses.

Like any other job, the jobs at TQL are also pressuring and stressful. But many employees love the high energy, fast paced environment and most importantly the freedom to manage their income. If you are not someone who can work monotonously, then a career at TQL would be ideal for you.

TQL Programs and Perks

Total Quality Logistics offers a lot of unique programs and perks to its employees. Here are some which you may find interesting:

  • TQL Cares: Over the years, the company has developed this program into a lot of different initiatives, some of which include: Employee Choice, Moves That Matter, and Signature Events. In addition, TQL also funds the Employee Assistance Fund with the aim of supporting its members who are facing a catastrophe.
  • TQL Perks: There are full time employees at TQL who constantly analyze and implement perks throughout the organization. They are assigned to take all necessary steps in making sure that employees spend their days off unwinding with their family and friends, and not taking care of daily chores. Therefore, they have introduced things like grocery delivery, dry cleaning pickup and delivery, car detailing and oil changes on site, and many such activities right at work. In addition, the company has also arranged for different leisure activities that might interest employees and their family, by collaborating with amusement parks, zoos, golf courses, hotels, sports teams, etc. across the country.
  • TQL Events: One of the things that TQL excels in is encouraging a work-hard-play-hard mindset. The company’s executive uses every single chance to celebrate the work of their staff. There is always a party, contest, team outing, or competition taking place inside the company. Also, the company always remembers to celebrate important anniversaries and milestones, and also hosts different family events like Pancakes with Santa and Summer Picnic.
  • TQL Active: This program includes all the efforts put forward by TQL pertinent to health and wellness. What’s included in the program are boot camp classes, access to fitness facility, on-site massages, fresh fruit deliveries at office, and internal sports teams.


TQL offers:

  • Compensation programs like pre-tax savings account and 403b or 401(k) plan
  • College Tuition Reimbursement of $5000
  • 70% health coverage benefits for dependants and employees, paid by the company
  • 30 weekly hours for part-time employees, with coverage for health care

To promote work-life balance, TQL offers:

  • Lactation rooms
  • Option to telecommute
  • Unpaid leaves

The different health insurance covers you get to receive include:

  • Vision care
  • Dental care
  • Mental health care
  • Other treatments like homeopathy, or acupuncture

In addition, there are also several onsite health benefits, such as: blood pressure screening, breast cancer screening, fitness center, offsite gym memberships, flu shots, etc.

Offering so many perks, programs, compensations, and other benefits to employees, it is no wonder that TQL acquired a position as one of the 100 Best Workplaces for Millennials determined by the famous business magazine, Fortune.


Of course the company offers different perks to employees; however, it has its own downfalls and has not attained the satisfaction of all its employees. Many employees of the company have reviewed on different sources that, despite the company’s good culture and opportunities it provides for fresh grads, almost all new executives are forced to hit the numbers constantly, even if they have to work for more hours without compensation for the same. Many account executives feel that they are not provided with proper career direction and are required to take “increased responsibilities without any increase in pay or authority”.

Also, there seems to be no work-life balance encouraged by the company. When you look into the reviews from the company’s employees on various online portals, you will come across many complaining about the lack of work-life balance, a factor which is considered to be one of the most important for working individuals. There is life beyond work; so this fault is something that makes TQL a lot less attractive to potential employees.

If you are looking to enter into the logistics industry, and you’re not sure about joining TQL, some of the other companies you can consider include Command Transportation, Landstar System, Coyote Logistics, XPO Logistics, and C.H. Robinson Worldwide. Of all these companies, Command Transportation has received the most number of positive reviews from its current and previous employees, and thus happens to be a great alternative to TQL.

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