Truck Driver Resume Examples And Writing Tips

truckdriverCompetition for employment in trucking industry is often fierce, just like in any other industry. You must be so lucky to find out that you are the only person applying for a given position. This because you will be competing against thousands of applicants, who like you are equally interested in the same job. In fact, to be able to get at least an interview, you need to know that your resume is the key to success. It is the first thing that employers use to assess your suitability for a position. So, how do you make your resume attractive to attain a competitive edge over other applicants? Follow the following tips:

Resume writing tips for truck driver:

1. Show professionalism

Your CV should be written in a professional manner. Your style, wording, outline, and length are some of the elements that you need to put into consideration. Generally, your CV should not be more than 3 pages long. It should be short and precise.

2. Make job title generic

You do not have to fluff your resume by creating weird titles in an attempt of making them sound more important or unique.

3. Honesty

This is one thing that you should be keen on when writing. You do not want to be dumb founded in an interview room when your interviewers realize that you lied.

4. Use action verbs

When writing a resume, make sure you make good use of action verbs. Explain your experience in a manner that bears ownership. For example, you can use words like obtained, implemented, directed, etc.

5. Shed light on your background

Be clear on your truck driving experience and tell your interviewers the types of vehicles you drove and for how long. If you have experience in other industries that are unrelated to the job at hand, don’t be shy about it. Just include it in your resume. You can place it below your relevant experience.

6. Do not forget to add your contact details

Let the hiring personnel know how to get in touch with you. For this you should include your contact information.

7. Additional skills:

If you have additional skills, just write them down and you will get that interview. Some of the skills that you should emphasize on include:

· Driving licenses and other qualifications that you hold

· Specialization in particular equipment

· Positive safety and driving records

· Knowledge on federal state and regulations

· Background ion customer service

· Physical strength

· Computer skills

Truck driver resume example:

Dan Izak

1340 Lombard Avenue York, NY 10003 •(212)264-5645 •

A truck driver, with 6 years of experience driving concrete transports across the boarders and managing time effectively for delivery purposes; zero injuries or accidents throughout my driving career. Possesses a class A CDL license and ME certificate…

Professional experience

Solid state INC, Boston, MA

  • Drove mix truck under loading hopper so as to receive gravel, sand, cement, water, added extensions chutes to mixer.
  • Conducted thorough inspections before and after trip to ensure valuable assets safety as well as personal safety.
  • Cleansed truck thoroughly to stop concrete from hardening
  • Operated levers on the truck to release chutes to the receiving area.
  • Visually inspected high walls, dump, and haul roads for stability and other hazards.
  • Accurate and timely deliveries to specified destinations.


  • Mellon high school Chicago, IL
  • GED, June 2008

Additional skills

  • Ability to perform awkward reaches, climbing, balancing, gripping, and carrying heavy weights
  • Outstanding math skills
  • Attentive and accurate to all instructions


  • Class A CDL license
  • Valid medical examiners certificate


If you find it hard writing a truck driver’s resume, you do not have to worry. You can always seek for professional resume writers who are there to help you. However, it is important to be able to craft your own resume.

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