Truck Driver’s Job Description

Truck DriverWith the tremendous increase in trucking industry popularity, more drivers are needed in each passing day. As a result, truck driver’s job description has equally changed and has become more demanding than before. Even though getting a CDL license gives you as a truck driver the eligibility to drive both light and heavy trucks, if you want to fit into that job you need to learn more about truck this job’s description.

General truck driver job description:

1. Driving the truck

Your main work as a truck driver is to operate the truck. This means that you should be responsible and drive it safely in the city and on all highway conditions, efficient and accurate map reading and navigation from picking to dropping points. You also need to have safe and quick reaction when emergencies arise.

2. Truck maintenance

Even though some companies will have mechanics work on your vehicle, as a truck driver you are required to have basic familiarity with vehicles operations such as; oil changes, maintaining tire pressure, keeping the truck safe and clean.

3. Keeping clean inventory

As a truck driver, your job entails maintaining inventory records. This means that even as you deliver, you should keep track of what have gone in and out of the warehouse and report any lost, stolen, or damaged goods while in transit.

4. Money management

As a truck driver, you are expected to manage money in terms of loading and off-loading fees, tolls, etc. you are also required to keep receipts of all expenses.

5. Load and offload cargo

At times drivers may be needed to offload the cargo after getting it to the client. This means that you should be able to load, off load, or disperse the cargo that is under your care.

6. Take orders for new deliveries

A truck driver’s role is not only to drive the vehicle. It is your responsibility to take orders from clients and keep a log of your activities.

7. Keeping the truck and the cargo safe on the road

As a truck driver, you need to be very confidence of yours driving ability to avoid accidents and injuries.

8. Planning

This is one of the major elements in job description of a truck driver. As a driver, you need to plan your route, read maps and organize your trips accordingly. This will enable you to deliver goods in time. You need to find practical routes that are time efficient to help you reach on time to your destination.

9. Time management

This job requires you to know efficient time management such as making deliveries on time, and pick up without leading a company into losses. Bad time management can cause you fatigue and stress which can later affect your health.

Types of truck drivers

1. Haul truck drivers

These drivers transport goods over state lines. They sometimes travel in consistent route but some may work on various routes across the country. Some of long haul truck drivers can deliver uncommon freights such as hazardous materials and cars. Such drivers may spend days and even weeks on the road.

2. Ice truck driver

This involves operating a truck on ice roads which are obviously slippery. This job is terrifying, nerve wracking and calls for high level of training. However, despite the risk involved in this job, many are still willing to pursue this career.

3. Delivery truck driver

As such a driver, you usually drive small trucks within the city, or specified geographic area. You may decide to work for a company delivering their products or for a specialized delivery service that delivers other companies’ products.

Whichever type of a truck driver you wish to be, you need to go through the job description to be able to make a more informed decision. If a certain description fails to meet to your full expertise, some employers offer on-the-job training to truck drivers to meet their requirements.


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