Trucker Slang You Must Know!

US CitiesSlang
Akron, OHThe Rubber
Amarillo, TXArmadillo
Atlanta, GAHotlanta or The Big A or Watermelon 500
Birmingham, ALSmoke City or B Town
Boston, MABean Town
Buffalo, NYThe Nickel
Charlotte, NCQueen City
Chattanooga, TNChoo Choo
Chicago, ILWindy City
Cleveland, OHThe Dirty
Council Bluffs, IACB Town
Dallas, TXThe Big D
Denver, COMile High
Detroit, MIMotor City
Durham, NCBull City
Flagstaff, AZThe Flag
FloridaThe Bikini
Houston, TXThe Astrodome or The Dome
Indianapolis, INCircle City or Indy 500
Kansas City, KS or MOBright Lights
Knoxville, TNK Town
Las Vegas, NVSin City
Los Angeles, CAShaky or Lost Angels or Lower Arkansas
Louisville, KYDerby City
Milwaukee, WIBeer Town
Minneapolis- St.Paul, MNThe Cities
Nashville, TNGuitar or Music City
New Orleans, LAMardi Gras
New York, NYThe Big Apple
Omaha, NEBig O
Philadelphia, PAPhilly or The Friendly
Pittsburgh, PASteel City
San Antonio, TXThe Alamo
San Francisco, CAGay Bay
South Bend, INIrish
St. Louis, MOThe Gateway
Tampa, FLCigar City
Witchita, KSAir Capitol
Cities On The Great LakesThe Mistake On The Lake
Canada Cities: 
CalgaryCow Town
MontrealThe Swamp
TorontoHog Town
WinnipegThe Peg
CB Lingo: 
10 - 4Ok... or Copy
10 -33Emergency
10 - 20Your Location
10 - 36What's the correct time
AlligatorRubber of blown tire in the road
Ankle BiterChildren
Antler AlleyDeer Crossing
Baby BearRookie Policeman
Back DoorBehind You.."I've got your back door"
Back `em DownSlow Down
Bear In The AirPolice Helicopter
Bear BaitSpeeding Automobile
Bear TrapParked cop with radar
Bean PopperPerson who pops pills
Big HoleTop Gear
Big RoadInterstate Highway
Bird DogRadar Detector
Blew My Doors OffPassed you at a high rate of speed
BobtailJust the tractor (truck) with no trailer
Brake CheckTraffic has come to a stop ahead
BreakNeed to have everyones attention.
Break 1-9Need to have everyones attention on 19
Cash RegisterToll Booth
Catch Ya On The Flip-FlopReturn trip
Chicken CoopWeigh Station
Chicken LightsLots of lights on a truck
City KittyCity Cop
Clean ShotI didn't see any cops
ColoringTo write in log book
ComedianMedian - section between traffic lanes
Comic BookLog Book
Coming In Loud & ProudYou are sounding strong on CB
Covered WagonFlatbed trailer with the load covered
Crotch RocketMotorcycle
DeadheadTractor & trailer with no load. Empty
Diesel CopDOT Cop
Dispatcher BrainsLight load or empty trailer
Double Nickel55 miles per hour
Dragon FlyTruck dragging up hill & flies down hill
Dry BoxTrailer that hauls dry products only
Evil KenevilMotorcycle Cop
Four WheelerAutomobiles with 4 wheels
Freight ShakerFreighter liner tractor
Georgie OverdrivePut gear in neutral to go faster down hill
Good BuddyHomosexual
Granny LaneThe slow lane on interstate. Right Lane
Ground PressureGetting the tractor trailer weighed
Hammer LaneThe fast lane on interstate. Left Lane
Hammer DownGo Faster
HandTruck Driver
Home 20Your Home
Large CarLarge and nice truck
Left CoastWest Coast
Lot LizardProstitute
Meat WagonAmbulance
Motion LotionDiesel Fuel
Parking LotTruck hauling cars
Pickle ParkRest Area
Radio CheckIs my radio working?
ReeferTrailer that hauls cold products.
Salt ShakerSnow Plow
Sesame StreetChannel 19 on the CB
Shake The BushesLead truck looking for cops in the bushes
Shooting You In The BackA cop hiding and clocking your speed
Short ShortShort amount of time
Sleeper LeaperProstitute
Taking PicturesCop using his radar gun
Travel AgentDispatcher
YardTrucking Company Terminal
Yard StickMile Marker on Interstate
WagonThe trailer behind a truck
What's Your Handle?What is your CB Nickname
Wiggle WagonDouble or Triple Trailers behind a truck


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