Trucking Pay Structure: What Is Truck Driving Per Mile Salary

Lady truck driverTrucking Pay Structure depends on a number of factors. Most of the trucking company have a specific criteria used to remunerate their drivers. However, the factors that determine the pay that a driver gets are common across companies. A driver’s pay check is determined by experience, certification, the employer, hours in service, and reputation. The other factor that determines the pay that a driver gets is the company that they work for. Various companies have varied scale of pay. The level of pay that a company offers is usually an internal issue that is affected by the management decisions.

Forget the billboards that promise truck drivers up to $100,000 that is only possible in theory but not practical. It relies on your abilities to work long journeys and the possibility that the company you will be working for will have continuous flow of work. Here is a list of the pay that truck drivers should expect based on their job title.

Truck Driver JobSalary ($USD)
Otr CDL truck driver 75000
CDL truck driver 62000
Class a truck driving 55000
Truck driver 53000
Tow truck driver 24000
Dump truck driver 23000
Tank Truck driver23000
Semi Truck Driver22000
Route Truck Driver22000
Bulk Truck Driver21000

Trucking Pay Structure
The pay is the difference between a happy driver and a not so happy driver. An understanding of the path to success and the industry is the only way to ensure that a truck driver gets the salary that is deserved for the value given. Typically, the salary scale starts from around $28000 and it may go to as high as $68,000 depending on a number of factors. The happiest drivers are those who work for shipping companies and distribution centres. The spread of the annual salary for these employers is as indicated above. However, the scape of pay is different for a driver who works for an independent contractor. The following factors will come to play in determining the salary that one gets.

The structure of pay for independent contracting companies

The structure of pay will determine the salary that one gets. Most of the truck drivers negotiate their salaries based on mileage and not hours. The distance and location of the deliver determines the amount of money that one gets. However, these negotiations are also based on other parameters. The amount of pay that a truck driver gets based on these negotiations will depend on the experience and added qualifications. For a highly experienced driver, the pay may be as high as 60 cents a mile. An experienced driver who is travelling at 70 miles per hour can be making $42 an hour. A trip of 800 miles may translate to $480 in salary. These costs are exclusive of other allowances. On the other hand, a truck driver with no experience may be paid between 20 cents to 30 cents a mile depending on the company.

truckdriverThe disadvantage of some of these companies is that they may not have continuous work. If you are in a pay per hour schedule, the availability of work is also a factor to consider when computing the amount of money that you will possibly go home with. However, during good seasons, you can make some reasonable amount of pay provided you are ready to work hard.

Experience and reputation

Like other professions, the experience of the driver determines the amount of money one is able to get. The average truck drivers salary increases experience. A driver also needs to build a reputation as a good truck driver to earn more. It all begins with a lower pay rate that increases with miles covered or years as a reliable driver. A reputable experienced drivers is usually on demand and thus the salary of the driver goes up.

The truck owner operators

The owners of the trucks also determine the salary that a driver should expect. The distribution company that offers the truck usually hold some money from what a driver would have earned. The amount that is held is reduced from the driver’s salary. The withheld payment will determine the amount that the truck driver will take home.

Class description versus Annual Pay range in USD

Trucking ExperienceSalary Range
Entry level less than 12 months experience no training 21,000-25,000
Junior driver less than 2 years’ experience no training 23,000-26,000
Junior professional less than 2 years’ experience CDL certification 24,000-30,000
Professional driver 2 to 10 years’ experience with CDL 30,000-49,000
Experienced driver more than 10 years’ experience 45,000-60,000
Reputable driver more than 12 years’ experience and good reputation 60,000-75,000

Like other professions, the experience that one has and professional qualification is a major determining factor of the pay that they get. Drivers with long years of experience and good reputation (safe drivers and timely) earn more than those with low experience and no certification. It takes time to climb up the ladder. At the top drivers can make up to $75,000 a year if working for a good company.

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