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Company profile

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Started in 1986 with only 48 trucks, US Xpress is a privately owned truckload carrier. It is based in Tennessee. With a total of over 30,000 machines, 22,000 being trailers and 8,000 tractors, this company is rated as the 2nd largest truckload carrier in the US. The services offered by US Xpress include both medium and long haul services. The company largely operates in North America but also extends its services to Southeastern, Western and mid-western parts of the US.

Driving opportunities at US Express Trucking
US Xpress presents itself as a leading company in ensuring that their drivers are both safe and comfortable every time they are on the road. It is for this reason that the company undertakes to recruit the best drivers that they can find.
The drivers are put through many driving tests after which they are attached to a trainer to ensure that they are well orientated. This could take place within a period of 2 to 8 weeks, after which the driver is attached to a region as part of a team or solo.

There are other benefits that every truck driver is entitled to. These include:
Advanced equipment
US Xpress has made it easier for the drivers to work. By introducing an app known as the Xpress mobile, the company makes it possible for the driver to stay updated regardless of where they are. Additionally this app makes it possible for the drivers to:
• Get information of any new assignment that they are required to carry put
• Receive and accept or reject changes to their assignment
• Track the other driver in case they are in a fleet of truck
• Send a message to the fleet manager

Technology has also been greatly applied by The US Xpress even at the operational level. There are two way satellite communication systems fitted in all the vehicles. These systems have then been integrated with the operating system, thereby enabling the drivers to ask for through a simple push of button from whichever destination.
In order to enhance the safety of the drivers especially when overtaking, the trucks have also been fitted with a blindside camera. This helps the drive to easily change lanes.
Additionally, the onboard computers come in handy when one is delivering goods or services to an unknown destination as it has a GPS navigation specifically designed for the truck. It also helps you to connect to any person that you may need at the US Xpress.

us xpress
Great pay
US Xpress lauds itself as one of the companies that offers the best pay. The payment is based on the number of miles driven although there is always some extra pay. It is also worth noting that due to its size and the vast region that is covered by this company, the driving careers available are numerous. There are both team and individual driving opportunities.
In addition to the mileage payments, there are other payments such as layover pay, retention pay, per diem pay, detention pay, driver referral bonus and extra pick-up/drop pay. This will no doubt give you the much needed extra income.

Health and Financial Benefits
The US Xpress drivers are highly valued. As a result they are well taken care of from all angles. This is evidenced by these extra benefits that ensure that the drivers are able to concentrate on their jobs. The company has ensured that the driver’s health is covered by having low premium rates on both general health and dental and vision insurances. There is also a life insurance that the company provides coupled with a 401k retirement plan.

Additional incentives

Lady us xpress truck driver
There are other perks that make US Xpress an outstanding trucking company to work in. One of them is their best truck equipment. This is made possible by the constant replacement of old truck with new ones that are always fitted with the latest technology.
The vast region covered by the truck gives one the opportunity to work closer home. This makes it possible for the drivers to have ample home time providing the much need work and home life balance. The availability of the passenger rider program for children over 10 years and adults who do not hold a CDL also gives the driver a chance to take one person during their work hours and therefore enhance the bond. This has also been extended to pets.
The plenty miles to be covered ensures that the drivers takes home a good salary. This coupled with the outstanding driver support and numerous opportunities both dedicated and regional raises the company to a higher level.

Reviews on this company from real truckers
I have worked with the US Xpress for almost four months now. From my experience having worked for many years indifferent companies, this is by far the best company that I have worked in. their drivers are best thanks to the many driving tests which are also followed up by being accompanied by a trainer to ensure that you are on top of your driving career. The lengthy training that can take up to 8 weeks give you a chance to prove your capability and once you come out well, you are deployed in a region depending on where you live. Your preference is also taken into account (Ralph)
I worked during the day with my colleagues to ensure that the company meets its goals and objectives. I however found it very hard to balance my home life and work due to the intensity of work. I however enjoyed working with the team that I was in and being able to solve different problems.

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