Werner Trucking Reviews

Werner Enterprises, Inc. was established in 1956 as a transportation and logistics company and it serves Australia, Asia, North America, Europe, Africa and South America. It has its global headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska. The company has various transport services that include flatbed services, temperature controlled services and local van services. Additionally, Werner has some value added services such as truck brokerage, international services, freight management and intermodal services. Their international services are mainly offered through their international subsidiary companies.

Reviews of the company from real truckers

I have worked for this company for about 90 days now with an average of 1150 week gross. I get back home and am with my family every night. I do not work on weekends. This has been the best trucking company I have worked for so far. 100% great place to be. (Sam)

I have worked for Werner transportation services for over three years and I do not plan on leaving any time soon. I get to earn about $ 2000 to $2300 every week and I love the company to bits. I also get home each weekend. If you got a bad experience with the company, I am sorry, but the problem could be that you were given an account that does not fit you or you got a terrible dispatcher which can always be fixed by changing the dispatcher and accounts. I have worked in so many other trucking companies and none of them has ever send holiday cards to my family they way this company has. Maybe you should stop looking at the bad aspects and focus on the best things…(Doe)

The pay at Werner was reasonable and the corporate offices tried to work towards retaining their truck drivers. However, the working environment was hostile. I worked with immature co workers with lots of verbal abuse and insensitive pranks. My supervisor was also not the best person and he always held grudges. This was the most difficult work experience I have endured for two years! Wouldn’t go back there! ( Katie)

I hate this company! They gave me the wrong information so that I can start working for them. Worse still, the compensation they gave was not worth the conditions I had to bear with. They never cared about me being a human! I have never felt used like a machine the way I did working for Werner! (John)

What are the minimum qualifications for getting hired?

Werner Trucking
• Be over 21 years of age during the time of hire
• Have only a maximum of 2 traffic violations in the last 3 years
• Posses a valid CDL class A
• You should not have any drunk related convictions in the last 5 years
• Should be physically fit for the job
• If you are not experienced, you must be a graduate of a truck driving school that is approved.
• Any accidents are reviewed on a case to case basis

Paid Training

If you have all the qualifications stated above and you are allowed into Werner student driver program, then you must be able to complete their training program (at least 275 driving hours). In the course of the training period, the driver trainer and the department that’s concerned with training will individually assess each student driver.

How much are students paid?

In the initial 0-275 hours of driving, a student earns $450 every week. After you have been assigned to a specific trainer, you are able to withdraw up to $150 every week against your total salary.

How is the training process like?

werner transportation
• Avail yourself for orientation at the terminal that’s near you
• Be allocated to a trainer
• Finish at least 275 driving hours
• Progress to become a qualified driver by passing your road test
• Be given your own truck


Werner Enterprises, Inc. is dedicated to providing the best kind of lifestyle by giving their employees the best pay in the industry. Apart from the pay scale, the company offers various bonuses like monthly mileage, fuel efficiency among others which lets you make money that you actually deserve. The company also provides progressive pay increase during your first year which is usually paid on all miles whether they are loaded or not.

If you have driven with the company for more than three months as a qualified truck driver and passed in their certified training program, you can apply to become a trainer and earn more.

The company has a more than 10% higher production when compared to its competitors making its drivers some of the best paid.

Other factors that determine the amount of salary an employee gets include:
The type of job
Truck drivers and fleet managers have average earnings of about $39K and van drivers earn about $30K. The highest paid employees are parts managers who take home about $47K.
Years of Experience
Those employees who have about five to nine years of experience, on average make about $43K yearly. Most employees in this company have about one to three years experience and they make approximately $42K on average annually.

werner truck
In the company, employees who are based in Texas seem to earn higher salaries of approximately $54K annually.
Certifications and Degrees
Truck Drivers who have Hazardous Materials Commercial Driver License receive a much higher pay than the other non-accredited workers approximately $35K yearly. Getting a certification of being a Class A Commercial Driver License also comes with an extra and you could find yourself earning $34K yearly. For those truck drivers who have an associate degree, they can be sure to get very attractive pay packages. They can take home over $51K annually. The company is also known to favor veterans and hires most of them.
Other Benefits
The company has the following benefits for its employees:
• sponsored 401 (k) program
• load optimization
• Rider and Pet policy
• Tuition reimbursement
• Drop and swap
• Paid orientation and vacation
• E-Logs
Furthermore, your mind is at peace since you know you are working with a well established company. The confidence of knowing that you will be paid in good time makes your working experience better.

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