What Is Lease Purchase Trucking? Companies You Can Trust

Lease purchase trucking programs do not go well with most truckers. There are some programs out there that are very easy to join and they do not provide money down or credit check guarantees. However, they can sometimes make it really hard to achieve your goal of being a truck owner. There are some companies that have great lease to purchase truck programs that assist the driver, but the rate at which they fail is quite high. A lease purchase trucking is a useful financial tool to finance your new truck. However, you should read every detail so that you know what to expect from the company that’s offering you.
If you are searching for a lease purchase program, here are some of companies that are the best in the market for offering the above.

Gordon Trucking

gordon trucking
This company offers the Valley Freighter lease purchase program that is meant to enable you to become successful in your business. Their lease purchase program provides you with the opportunity to build strong business equity.
What do they offer?
Equipment specifications
• Fuel efficient
• 10 speed transmissions
• Decal allowance
• Air ride suspensions
• Aluminum’s wheels
• Jake brakes
• Air slide fifth wheels
Finance package
• There are weekly payments that are made via settlement deduction
• To begin you pay $800 out of pocket
• Begin with $3000 in your escrow account
• There are no balloon or residual payments, you will automatically become the owner of the truck after the lease period
• Able to access maintenance network
• Can get discounts at Valley Freighter liner, Inc.

Baylor Trucking

baylor trucking
Baylor has one of the best trucking lease purchase programs in the industry. They are fully committed to helping you become a successful business owner.
If you are a Baylor driver, you can qualify for lease purchase after you have worked with them for 60 days. You should also be in a stable working condition with excellent on time service levels. To begin your lease, you are expected to start with a down payment of $1,500. They offer payroll deductions that will make it easier for their workers to save for the down payment.

JB Hunt

JB Hunt
JB Hunt Company offers several lease purchase program plans that help you reap maximum benefits while at the same time making your dream of being a truck owner come true. Despite you credit score or financial situation; you can become the owner of high quality freight-liner in less than 2 years. The company offers flexible weekly repayments, simple terms and incentives which gets you started on a lease purchase program without any upfront costs.
What are the incentives?
The company has great financial incentives that can make you get on the wheels of your own lease purchase truck within minutes without any out of pocket payments. You get started with the lease program with $0 down payment and a 5.9% interest all through up to the time you are done with paying your loan. We put aside the long credit checks and approval process for you. Since you are already a professional driver, we believe in your skills and know that you have just what it takes to succeed in this kind of program.
Our lease term is between 12-36 months and we will wait until you are in the third week to ensure you are on a good start as a new truck owner and then you begin your payments thereafter on a weekly basis. Our lease purchase program is designed to ensure you save as much as you can while at the same time maximizing on the profits during the entire loan period. If you realize this program isn’t what you bargained for, you can always walk away after 90 days.
Lease purchase plans
At JB Hunt, we have several plans that cater for different needs. Our highly experienced professionals will guide you so that you can come up with the plan that best fits your needs. Our plans include,
• Performance percentage plan
• Basic percentage plan
• Basic mileage plan
• Performance mileage plan

Wil-Trans Company

This is a small company that has some of the best lease to purchase plans and benefits that major industry players cannot match. It does not matter whether you are highly experienced with leases or it’s the first time you are leasing a truck. At Wil-Trans, you will receive all the necessary guidance to help you succeed in lease purchase trucking.
If you lease purchase your track at Wil-Trans, you will receive pay that is based on a certain percentage of the total profits generated by the truck and 100% of the fuel surcharge.
At Wil-Trans, lease programs are designed for only drivers who want nothing short of success in their trucking career. Before they can lease out their trucks to drivers, they first ensure that they are well prepared for success in this line of trade. After a driver is confident they can make a decent living as an owner operator, Wil-Trans will then provide them with a lease to purchase program that helps them choose the truck they want.
Lease purchase programs at Wil-Trans include budget friendly, low mileage trucks that are fuel efficient, highly dependable and safe. In addition, the company has knowledgeable fleet managers who are always willing to provide drivers attention and support they require to succeed.
As a Wil-Trans lease purchase trucker, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits that a small company can offer while at the same time earning just like the big industry carriers.

PGT Trucking Inc

PGT Trucking
This is also another trucking company with one of the best leasing purchase programs because they provide support all through the way. Since it’s a very large company, it has flexible scheduling with so many other incentives that will see you succeed in your career as a truck driver. The lease purchase program for this great company is usually designed with the driver as the focal point.
What are the benefits?
• There is no down payment nor balloon payment
• Drivers get discounts in spare parts and tires
• Flexible freight choices
• Support system 24/7
• Health care
• Fuel cards
• Trip advances
• Rider programs
• Revenue incentive
• Fuel discounts of up to $0.20 per gallon
However, to qualify for a PGT lease purchase program, you must pass their driving hiring guidelines.

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